[OpenAFS] Re: user-visible change suggestion for fs setacl

Rainer Strunz Rainer.Strunz@lrz.de
Wed, 17 Dec 2008 17:03:54 +0100

Thank you, Derrick, for bringing forward this proposal.

Thanks, folks, for all your comments. Although this thread
is supposed not to go into implementation details, I'd like
to answer some emerging questions by giving reasons for the
currently proposed implementation.

Indeed the only reason, why the postfix notation has been
preferred to a possibly more intuitive prefix notation, was
the common parsing method, which would wrongly assume '-'
prefixed arguments to be command options.

Complex settings like 'a+l-r+' would have to be split up
into a series of simple ones. As the current implementation
allows to set rights for a specific PTS entry more than once
within a single call to fs setacl, so would this change.

Actually, the proposed change does not (want to) introduce
any uncommon characteristics which are not already there.
Likewise it was not intended to let the ability of adding
or subtracting rights cross the line between positive and
negative ACLs. It can and should work within both lists

That way the change could be most beneficial and most simple
at the same time.