[OpenAFS] In the RPM spec file, what is the goal of the special fedora option?

Derrick Brashear shadow@gmail.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2008 14:04:44 -0500

> It would have been possible to add the build-time dependencies that
> are required for mock to work to the old style packaging. In effect
> that's what we've done by using kmodtool - but we've also taken the
> opportunity to tighten up the dependency relationships, so things
> work better with yum, and to move to the more standard naming scheme.
> None of this has changed the userland packaging, which still all
> comes from the original OpenAFS SRPM.

Though, as a note in my huge pile of uncompleted projects I have one
which will make an alternate set of userland packages (with
appropriate conflicts and obsoletes, i think) to make fhs versions of
everything. i need to polish it and then work up the "compat" package
which will put the right symlinks in.