[OpenAFS] AFS service may not have started

ENEM | Hans Melgers hans@enem.nl
Tue, 08 Jul 2008 12:36:36 +0200

See hereunder

Hans Melgers wrote:
>> Is "AFS" registered as a service name according to "nbtstat -n"?
> yes

what is the output of NET VIEW \\AFS ?

Sharenaam   Type    Gebruikt als  Opmerking

.simpc.com  Schijf
all         Schijf
auto1       Schijf  (UNC)
auto2       Schijf  S:
enem.nl     Schijf
simpc.com   Schijf
De opdracht is voltooid.

(i'm logged in to the enem.nl cell)

>> Note that 0x52E is Logon Failure.  unknown user name or bad password.
>> How are you logging on to the workstation?  Are you using a method 
>> that does not make use of a password?
> No, just plain password with kfw

You do not use KFW to logon to the workstation.  What method are you using =
to logon to the workstation?

Local password

> Is NTLM disabled on the machine?
> Yes, it is. However, i didnt disable it and never saw this problem 
> before. Should it be on ?

Not necessarily.

What are the values of





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