[OpenAFS] Windows 1.5.50 clean install

Garret Black blackg@umd.edu
Fri, 18 Jul 2008 13:32:30 -0400

After doing a clean install of 1.5.50, afscreds would not launch.  When 
I attempted to launch NetID Manager (KFW 3.2.2) it gives an error that 
the afs module cannot load due to not being able to find afscred.dll.

This confused me at first as I installed 1.5.50 on two other machines 
successfully yesterday, but they were upgrades from 1.5.39.

I then installed 1.5.39 and upgraded to 1.5.50 and confirmed everything 
worked fine so it looks like during the 1.5.50 install not all of the 
dll's are getting registered?

All of the machines I tested this on are Windows XP SP3 with KFW 3.2.2.

Garret Black
MCSE security +
University of Maryland
OIT System Design and Deployment
1421 CSS Bldg 224