[OpenAFS] OpenAFS Keberos Security Issues

Loren M. Lang lorenl@north-winds.org
Sun, 20 Jul 2008 16:00:43 -0700

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I am experimenting with OpenAFS 1.4 to evaluate using for my company.
We have a testing Kerberos 5 domain using AES256 encryption for all
existing users and services.  I setup an OpenAFS file and database
server with kaserver disabled and asetkey to add a des-cbc-crc service
key to KeyFile.  The server is now successfully running in our test domai=

A couple observations from what I've read about OpenAFS 1.4:

1. Currently, there is no support for anything besides DES encryption
between the Kerberos 5 servers and OpenAFS with make that that will be
weakest link in our network.

2. All OpenAFS file and/or database servers all use the same KeyFile
which means a root compromise on any single OpenAFS server equal to
compromising the entire cell.

I am not trying to bash OpenAFS, just understand the current state of
security in the production branch.

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