[OpenAFS] 'vos' command dos not finish, file service works ok (sort of)

Andreas Hirczy ahi@itp.tugraz.at
Wed, 23 Jul 2008 22:39:41 +0200

"Derrick Brashear" <shadow@gmail.com> writes:

>   ==> /var/log/openafs/VolserLog <==
>   FSYNC_clientInit failed (giving up!): Connection refused
>   Wed Jul 23 21:26:08 2008
>   : Assertion failed! file ../vol/volume.c, line 705.
> dead volserver would of course explain a hang. the volserver will restart
> with an fs outage.

But these were the only messages indicating a serious failure today.

Lars Schimmer meant a "vos syncvldb" could help, but "vos syncvldb faepsv05 a
-dryrun -localauth -verbose" seems to hang also. Maybe he is right and i have
to remove the VLDB first? I really do not like this method very much.

Thank god it's late here in europe, so there are no users breathing into my

> got a corefile?

Sorry no - I'll  readjust the limits - now the salvager ran again :)

Whats strange, there are ~600 user volumes on the disk, but only RO replicas
appear to have been checked in the salvager log.

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