[OpenAFS] iSCSI disk in vos listaddr

Andrew Bacchi bacchi@rpi.edu
Mon, 09 Jun 2008 10:34:42 -0400

Hello all,

I've added some new fileservers to the cell recently that use iSCSI disk 
for vicepX partitions.  We've noticed the named disks listed in 
listaddr, and I have one report of a Mac client trying to hit it as a 

Here's the 'vos listaddr' output.  Redundant paths on each server is the 
reason for the iscsi0, and iscsi1 names.


My questions are:

Since they are listed in the VLDB, will clients try hitting them?

If I remove them with 'vos changeaddr -remove'  will they be relisted 
somehow?  Will they return?

Can we avoid listing them upon initial build of the fileserver?

Does anyone have any experience with this?

veritatas simplex oratio est

Andrew Bacchi
Systems Programmer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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