[OpenAFS] Windows client tuning question

Mike Polek mike@pictage.com
Thu, 06 Mar 2008 20:42:30 -0800

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Mike Polek wrote:
>> I currently have an end user claiming that if he does a lot
>> of very heavy I/O for a couple days, his client will lock up.
>> I have not yet observed this myself. I just became aware of
>> it. He's been restarting the client on his own.
> If you can get the user to "fs minidump" when the lockup occurs that 
> would be very helpful.

I already asked them to come grab me to do just that when it
happens again. :-)
> Of course, if the user isn't running the most recent client upgrading is 
> the first thing that should be done.  The current release is 1.5.33.

I can probably work on that with them tomorrow... as it seems that
the tuning that I want is in the latest version.....

> Funny thing you should ask about Rx configuration
> 1.5.33 adds two functions:
> 1. it turns on Rx Hot Thread support which significantly
>    improves the ability of the client to read incoming
>    Rx packets off the wire without dropping them.
> 2. it adds the "RxExtraPackets" registry value which
>    performs exactly the same function that the command
>    line option does on UNIX.

Yup... exactly what I'm looking for. I'm hoping that will simply
solve my issue. :-)

Thank you!!!!