[OpenAFS] Fedora kernel builds

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Sat, 15 Mar 2008 18:04:41 -0400

Buhrmaster, Gary wrote:
> Differentiate between practically and technically
> possible, and I believe we are in agreement.

Totally.  We don't have resources to keep up with
Linux let alone write the new code that needs to
be done.  At the present time writing a third cache
manager just for Linux is out of the question for

>> I do not look forward to that future.
> Neither do I.  Do you have any suggestions as to
> how one could either change the headlong rush to
> GPL_ONLY in Linux (seems unlikely to me, given
> the agendas), 

I don't and I personally do not care.  Linux is
an operating system that due to the "agendas" is
not of interest to me.

> or what a reasonable alternative
> path forward for OpenAFS on Linux is?

I would rather spend our limited resources getting
kernel modules developed for the BSDs than invest
further in Linux which is run by folks who care
more about agendas then technical issues.
(This is a personal opinion and not the opinion of OpenAFS.)

I would be quite happy if David had the time and
resources to develop a fully functional GPL_ONLY
client for the Linux community.   I would feel I
have accomplished my mission as an OpenAFS Elder
if Red Hat thought that support of AFS was important
enough to devote resources to.

Jeffrey Altman