[OpenAFS] Fedora kernel builds

Buhrmaster, Gary gtb@slac.stanford.edu
Sat, 15 Mar 2008 18:54:03 -0700


> ... If they so much want a world where software=20
> is free, why are they choosing to limit those freedoms?

I would say wrong interpretation.  The GPL is
not about "freedom", it is about "freedom" :-)
The term has very specific meaning depending
on who is using it, and few define the meaning
they are using when using the word in regards
to software.  To the credit of many of the GPL
advocates, they have been willing to spell out
what they mean by freedom, although you have
to read lots of interviews since it is not
explicit in the license(s) themselves.

And it is not childish.  It is actually a
very sophisticated way to achieve a result.
Language, as Orwell wrote so well about,
and political advisors of both parties
use so well, can be a powerful way to
confuse, misdirect, and to manipulate, as
well as the potential to enlighten.  I
give all sides great credit for learning
from the masters even as I wish they were
not so good at the first parts.