[OpenAFS] openafs on iphone

Karl Kuehn larkost@stanford.edu
Sun, 16 Mar 2008 10:24:07 -0700

On Mar 16, 2008, at 7:01 AM, Jeffrey Altman wrote:

>> Ok, this is confusing, a couple of articles say that free projects  
>> don't have to pay $99 to distribute apps on the iPhone, but Apple's  
>> web site says different:
>>   Standard Program $99
>>   The Standard Program is for developers who are creating free and  
>> commercial applications for iPhone
>>   and iPod touch.
>> Jason

	Everyone has to pay the $99, as that is for the certificate that  
allows Apple the measure of control that they want. The difference  
between the commercial and open-source prices is that commercial  
applications cost 30% of their costs to distribute (through the App  
Store). Apple will distribute free applications without charging anyone.

> 3. The fee is not per project or corporation, it is per developer.

	The $99 is for a certificate. The certificate is what allows the  
iPhone to recognize the app as being from a specific Developer, and  
allows Apple to do a revocation list (so if a problem is found they  
can revoke that developer's apps). The actual SDK is available for  
anyone with an ADC (free) account, so all of your developers can get  
that now and play with their apps on the simulator.

	I would imagine that if we are talking about a company with a few  
developers that they could all use the same certificate for  
development. You might want to hold a second certificate for the  
actual deployment apps, and only allow one person to hold that. That  
is how I am hoping that Apple allows some of the larger open-source  
projects to go about it: issue on e certificate that can only load  
things from the developer tools, and allow that to be shared freely  
amongst the group. The second certificate to be held by a trusted  
individual for signing the apps that go out through the App Store.

		Karl Kuehn