[OpenAFS] effects of NAT

David Bear david.bear@asu.edu
Wed, 26 Mar 2008 10:15:01 -0700

I know there have been some outspoken voices on issues related to NAT.

I think my rather simple question might have a complex answer... but the game 
is afoot. Our university is now talking about putting EVERYONE (end user 
computings) in a NAT'ed network.

I am wondering what kinds of issues we should be aware of (or watching for) as 
it relates to AFS -- and possibly kerberos.

I know this is very vague becuase we still have no idea if our kdc's and file 
servers will placed within the nat'ed scopes or not -- but if we can affect 
the architecture to avoid issues with afs we need to know what those issues 
might be.

Anyone have advice?

David Bear
College of Public Programs/ASU
411 N Central, Phoenix, AZ 85004