[OpenAFS] Management of UBIK database files

Dr A V Le Blanc Dr A V Le Blanc <LeBlanc@mcc.ac.uk>
Tue, 6 May 2008 15:30:51 +0100

For some time, I've been using pt_util to dump my pts database at
intervals, and I presume it would work if I wanted to dump the
database and recreate it using

     pt_util -g -m -u >/tmp/prdb.dump
     (delete database on all servers and restart the ptserver)
     pt_util -w </tmp/prdb.dump

In the case of the volume database, I presume the simplest thing
to do is to delete the database and then run 'vos syncv' for each
server, as there doesn't seem to be any utility for dumping and/or
restoring the vldb.

The backup database is rather trickier.  There are options for the
backup command such as deletedump, which seem to work, provided the
entries being deleted are few enough; in my case I can usually delete
one month of backups from the database at a time, but not always two,
and I can't ever delete three months of entries.  But the commands
'backup savedb' and 'backup restoredb' don't seem to work; that is,
I can't try to restore a db since I can't backup a db first.  Incidentally,
the CFG_backup_file does contain 'FILE YES', but attempts to save the
backup data base using 'backup savedb' usually cause the following error:

     backup> savedb 15
     backup> Job 1: SaveDb Aborted

and the tape coordinator reports:

     path:  /dev/backup/file
     op  :  savedb
     nacc:  1
     name:  Ubik_db_dump.1
     id  :  1210084011
     SaveDb: Aborted by request

Is there any convenient way to dump the whole backup data base, other
than just copying the files elsewhere?

I'm running openafs version 1.4.2 under Debian etch on my DB servers, and
version 1.4.4 under Debian etch on my file servers.

     -- Owen