[OpenAFS] Large volumes on Solaris

Rich Sudlow rich@nd.edu
Tue, 13 May 2008 09:53:42 -0400

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Rich Sudlow wrote:
>> When creating partitons using zfs on Solaris that are larger than
>> 1000 GB I see negative values returned -  Is this a zfs
>> issue due to it being 128 bit?  Due to the changes coming in
>> 1.5 this (in addition to the 2 TB partition/volume limit)
>> should go away...correct?
> The max partition size in 1.4 is 2TB.   The max partition size in 1.5
> is really really large.  I don't think you have that much storage.

Yes I've been using 1.5 TB partitions and volumes in Linux without
problems - this seems to only be an issue with Solaris -  I've
seen some references to "workarounds" to this Solaris issue in
the archives but not sure why it exists.

I'm very much looking forward to partition sizes > 2 TB.



> The max volume size in both is 2TB.
> Jeffrey Altman

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