[OpenAFS] External Fileserver?

Finke, Jon E finkej@rpi.edu
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When we were faced with a similar request a number of years back, we
instead set up a program where people could "lease" large amounts of AFS
space.  The department in question gave us (or gave us funding to
purchase) several disk drives and we made some proportional amount of
space available to them as "big" volumes.

The disk was attached to our servers (and a non trivial portion of the
space was kept by us to cover some of the overhead associated with it -
ie - they bought a 100Gb disk and received a 30Gb volume in return.)

All of the file servers in our cell are owned and operated by our
Central Servers department, and they (we) retain all administrative
control.  Our understanding at the time, is anyone running a file server
was in full control of the cell.

We do have a tool that allows selected people to "vos release" specific
volumes.  Another tool allows individuals to adjust the quota on their
home directory (we also bill for quota increases over a specific
allocation based on user type.)  The "big" volumes above fall outside
the normal AFS accounting/billing we do. =20

The "big" volume leasing program was later modified to just use money
rather than bartering disk drives.  For a one time charge of $1000, a
person would get a 2Gb AFS volume.  (Note - rates have not been adjusted
in a long time).

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There is a group that wants to store data in our AFS cell, but they want
to supply their own fileserver so they can buy disk for it as needed,
rather than asking us to buy more.

What dangers might there be in doing this?  Is there any administrative
access they would need to run it that they should not have?

Any pointers toward docs that deal with a strange case like this would
very much appreciated!


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