[OpenAFS] OpenAFS 1.5 fileserver

Chris Kurtz chk@mars.asu.edu
Wed, 24 Sep 2008 15:44:56 -0700

We long ago learned to just live with the 2TB partition issue -- its 
just not worth trying to patch around it, especially under 32bit.

When we started our largest server was 3TB (two raid 5s of 8 250gb 
drives) giving use two 1.5TB partitions.

Our latest servers have 12TB (usable), so we just have 6 vicep partitions.

Chris Kurtz, chk@mars.asu.edu
Systems Manager
Mars Space Flight Facility
Arizona State University

Rich Sudlow wrote:
> Hi
>     We're running into issues with the 2 TB volume limit on
> OpenAFS 1.4.X - has anyone been adventurous enough to use the
> OpenAFS 1.5.x fileserver on Unix and used > 2 TB volumes?
> Thanks,
> Rich