[OpenAFS] WARNING: "__ia64_trampoline"

Harald Barth haba@kth.se
Wed, 08 Apr 2009 18:32:04 +0200 (CEST)

Has anyone compiled 1.4.10 on newer ia64 kernel(s)? Looks like
scripts/mod/modpost on my older 2.6.18-* kernels upsets configure by
emitting "WARNING: "__ia64_trampoline" .... undefined!" and fails all
configure tests that have to with building kernel modules. If "no" was
what the configure test was supposed to return anyway you are fine.
Otherwise it's wrong. One such test that get's it wrong for me is
"INIT_WORK has a _data argument" (should be yes but returns no)
There are 89 tests that grep for "WARNING: .* undefined!" in configure.


PS: My first reaction was: What is a trampoline and why would I need
    one ;)