[OpenAFS] Windows MMC testers wanted

Anders Magnusson ragge@ltu.se
Sat, 22 Aug 2009 09:11:48 +0200

Good morning,

I just tried it on W2k3 SP2 (32-bit) /w OpenAFS client 1.5.61.  Some
directly noticed things:

- When I click at "General/Manage AFS Client administrators group"
nothing happens
- Under the "CIFS" submenu all fields are empty, are they supposed to?
- Under Performance also all fields are empty.
- Under "Servers" as well nothing is shown.
- When clicking on the close mmc window button MMC got an error in the
  and showed a big red X.
- When uninstalling from add/remove programs I got a complain window:
    "There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package".
    "A program needed for this install to complete could not"
    "be run. Contact your support personnel or package"

-- Ragge

Brant Gurganus wrote:
> I am specifically looking for someone running an operating system
> between Windows XP and Windows Vista. Please try the installer at
> http://code.google.com/p/openafsclientmmc/downloads/list
> Please do this:
> 1. Install
> 2. Run mmc.exe.
> 3. Add the OpenAFS snap-in.
> If I authored the installer correctly so far, you should encounter no
> issues doing this. Please report any errors you encountered.
> Brant Gurganus
> http://gurganus.name/brant
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