[OpenAFS] updating win2003 AD server to 2008(RC2)-64bit - any tips?

Felix Frank Felix.Frank@Desy.de
Wed, 26 Aug 2009 08:00:28 +0200

Lars Schimmer wrote:
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> Hi!
> We are still running a Win 2003 AD server as krb5 auth server and
> managing the AD user profiles (which resist inside of OpenAFS).
> I think about updating to Win2008 RC2 server (and clients from WinXP to
> Windows7 - available in MSDNAA for 1 week now).
> But our server is yet 32bit, the 2008RC2 will be 64bit.
> Anyone got any information about compatibility with Server 2008 and/or
> 64bit server with (old) clients 32bit, krb5 and OpenAFS ?

I know for a fact that there are no implications from mixing different 
client and server platforms. Everything that passes the wire is neatly 

As for your server upgrade, I have no idea, really. Perhaps your 
database will need some kind of conversion? I admittedly have no 
knowledge of AD whatsoever.

 - Felix