[OpenAFS] OpenAFS, Dreamweaver and VPN

Chaz Chandler clc31@inbox.com
Wed, 25 Mar 2009 07:38:22 -0800

We use OpenAFS over OpenVPN and have found that the afs client can be very =
unhappy with intermittent connections (say, from 'road warriors').  For =
Windows clients, this includes long timeouts and needing to restart the =
client service after the connection comes (back) up.  I don't have any =
mobile mac/unix clients, but could be similar.

What sort of strange behavior are you seeing, specifically?  Is the VPN a =
stable site-to-site thing or are you dealing with mobile users?  In one of =
our initial setups, we had trouble with MTU sizes for UDP traffic over a =
bridged VPN and resulting seemingly odd behavior of afs.  We fixed it by =
going to a routed setup.  Although the links are slow, it's been pretty =


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> We are having some issues using Dreamweaver (Adobe web design tool)
> with its data stored in AFS when used from off site via Cisco VPN.
> We are seeing this in a Mac client but have seen similar issues on
> Windows
> too.
> The machines work fine when connected locally, so I am speculating that
> there
> is some time out issue with Dreamweaver if the network is slow, or AFS is
> slow
> in retrieving data over a slower then normal network.
> Has anyone seen any issues with Dreamweaver and AFS?
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