[OpenAFS] problem building openafs on FC10

Buhrmaster, Gary gtb@slac.stanford.edu
Mon, 30 Mar 2009 15:58:07 -0700

> Now, when I try to compile afs for my kernel to make a kmod package:
> [root@tx3241-04 SPECS]# rpmbuild openafs.realmkit.spec --target=3Di686
> Building target platforms: i686
> Building for target i686
> error: Failed build dependencies:
>        kernel-devel-i686 =3D is needed by =

> openafs-1.4.8-1.1.1.src

If you do something like:

  rpmbuild --rebuild \
         --target i686 \
         --define "kernvers" \
         --define "fedorakmod 1" \

it will work.  As I recall, there is a known bug
with the automatic determination of the kernel
versioning (and I thought someone had contributed
patches for a future release, but I have simply
imagined that).