[OpenAFS] PTS sadness

Dan Hyde Dan Hyde <drh@umich.edu>
Tue, 26 May 2009 09:20:45 -0400

> Finally, prdb_check claims the new database has more problems than the
> original, and that's a show-stopper.  I'm now at a loss for future
> direction.

db_verify has an option to generate a "recreate" file that can be fed
into ptclient to recreate the database.  I run that command one a year
so I can grep the database for historical lookups.  If only ptserver
had some logging.

I also use adb -w to debug my ptserver database.  The records are all
fixed length, and their positions in the database file do not change.
The group entries contain member information, and the member entries
contain group information.  Some times these two are not in sync, and
adb can be used to zero out the "bad" information.  Crude, but it does

Try db_verify/ptclient and report back.