[OpenAFS] Windows client cannot delete file.

Anders Magnusson ragge@ltu.se
Mon, 23 Nov 2009 14:18:54 +0100


one of our users encountered a really strange problem: a specific file 
could not be deleted
from windows.  No problem to copy or move the file, but delete or 
writing to the file do not work.
Note that copies of the file can be deleted, but not the file itself.  
Also, no problem to do
anything with other files in the same directory.

 From Unix there are no problems at all to deal with the file, including 
to make more copies of
it that cannot be deleted from windows :-)

Servers are 1.4.11, Windows client is 1.5.66 but the behavior is the 
same on older clients.

Any hints?  The file can be provided on request (contains private data).

-- Ragge