[OpenAFS] Vos move/release failure

Sidney Cammeresi sac@cheesecake.org
Sun, 4 Apr 2010 13:00:17 +0200

One of my fileservers is returning errors when I try to move or release
certain volumes to it.  For example,


$ vos ex test
test                              536871126 RW          2 K  On-line
    good /vicepa 
    RWrite  536871126 ROnly  536871133 Backup          0 
    MaxQuota       5000 K 
    Creation    Sun Apr  4 12:40:27 2010
    Copy        Sun Apr  4 12:41:53 2010
    Backup      Never
    Last Update Never

    RWrite: 536871126 
    number of sites -> 1
       server good partition /vicepa RW Site 
$ vos move test good a bad a

Failed to move data for the volume 536871126
   : No such file or directory
vos move: operation interrupted, cleanup in progress...
clear transaction contexts
move incomplete - attempt cleanup of target partition - no guarantee
cleanup complete - user verify desired result


All I see in VolserLog on the bad server is

Sun Apr  4 12:50:09 2010 VAttachVolume: Failed to open /vicepa/V0536871126.vol (errno 2)
Sun Apr  4 12:50:09 2010 1 Volser: CreateVolume: volume 536871126 (test) created
Sun Apr  4 12:50:12 2010 1 Volser: Delete: volume 536871126 deleted

I deleted the volume "test," and then I performed this sequence of
commands to get a different failure:


$ vos create bad a test
Volume 536871134 created on partition /vicepa of bad
$ vos addsite bad a test
Added replication site bad /vicepa for volume test
$ vos addsite good a test
Added replication site good /vicepa for volume test
$ vos release test
Released volume test successfully
$ vos move test bad a good a
WARNING : readOnly copies still exist 
Volume 536871134 moved from bad /vicepa to good /vicepa 
$ vos release test
Release failed: VOLSER: Problems encountered in doing the dump !
The volume 536871134 could not be released to the following 1 sites:
                     bad /vicepa
VOLSER: release could not be completed
Error in vos release command.
VOLSER: release could not be completed


Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?  Thanks for your

Sidney August Cammeresi IV