[OpenAFS] Linux packages for 1.5?

Dale Pontius pontius@btv.ibm.com
Wed, 07 Apr 2010 15:14:31 -0400

On 04/07/10 14:49, Simon Wilkinson wrote:
>> A year or two back I was having some odd cache issues with the stable
>> client.  I hacked the init script (This is Gentoo, by the way.) to clear
>> the cache each time right before starting the client.
> And, of course, you reported these problems, and we fixed them in a
> later release?
I believe I reported them to my distro, which is probably the annoying
thing for you to hear, because I suspect such things frequently don't
make it upstream.
>> I'll certainly try clearing the cache.  But I'm also guessing that I'm
>> also talking to a greater-than-average variety of servers, and wondering
>> if there could be a vintage problem here.  Is there a way to query a
>> mount point to find the server version providing that data?  (Or perhaps
>> there's other relevant information to query.)
> fs whereis . will tell you.
Thanks, that does give the server name.  Now is there a command that
will give meaningful and useful (to you) information about that server? 
I doubt I have any sort of shell access to any of them.


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