[OpenAFS] sqlite on AFS will not work, even with whole-file locking

Adam Megacz adam@megacz.com
Mon, 12 Apr 2010 03:13:41 +0000

Brandon Simmons <brandon.m.simmons@gmail.com> writes:
> Thanks for the response. It seems like whole-file locking in sqlite
> would be a good choice for me in any case,

> In a situation where the whole-file locking scheme is used, would AFS
> be an acceptable choice? Would it be better than NFS?

I had the same idea, and tried it.  It does not work.  Your databases
will get corrupted.  I never figured out why, although I did confirm
that sqlite was in fact requesting only whole-file locks.

It would be nice if it worked, though.  There are a lot of applications
out there where writes to the database are extremely rare, so
invalidating all the clients' caches is not a problem.

  - a