[OpenAFS] Re: deadlock in OpenAFS 1.4.11 (Solaris 5.10)

John Tang Boyland boyland@cs.uwm.edu
Thu, 15 Apr 2010 08:03:52 -0500


After a week, I got up early enough to reboot the compute
server when few people were on it.  As part of this process
I noticed that it had been set up with a memcache; I changed
this back to a disk cache.

The reason why I think this is a deadlock issue is that the
processes make no progress after a week, and indeed are
resistant to "kill -9" etc.  Even shutting down the machine
gets stuck -- it has to be power-cycled.

But with a larger cache, it seems likely we won't see this
behavior again.  Thanks for the help, everyone.


Derrick Brashear wrote:
] you might as well reboot it. i suspect (and wondered before) if the
] real issue was not deadlock but that the machine simply went into a
] loop, and with a cache that small it's likely it did. not the best
] behavior, of course but not the most urgent thing to pursue at the
] moment.