[OpenAFS] Re: Ubik problem

Atro Tossavainen Atro.Tossavainen@helsinki.fi
Fri, 16 Apr 2010 23:42:10 +0300 (EEST)

Marcus, thanks for the insight.

> /1/ can he only run one source version of kaserver on all db hosts (not a
> 	mixed ibm/openafs env),

I suppose there isn't much to prevent me from running the OpenAFS 1.4.12
version of kaserver on sun4x_58 as well if the list elders figure it is
helpful.  I won't be able to run a sunx86_510 version of anything IBM
because such things don't exist.

> /2/ can he resolve the server setup such that when udebug is
> 	run, it only reports "correct" IP addresses?  (Ideally only
> 	the primary, but the other interfaces should be ok so long
> 	as packets sent through them get to the same place.)

I suppose I could also think of upgrading IBM AFS to 3.6 2.59 (Patch 15)
which is the last version to which I have access on sun4x_58 and which
should have a consistent handling of NetRestrict across all servers.

> /3/ can he resolve time so that he never sees "last beacon sent -3 secs ago"?,
> 	ubik does care, even more than kerberos, about time.

sunx86_510 on and sun4x_58 on are NTP
peers with each other as well as clients to the same time servers
elsewhere on the Uni network.  If you have insight as to why this
might be a failure, I'm all ears.  My gut feeling is that time sync
problems between the two don't exist.  I ran "xclock -digital -update 1"
for a while side by side and they're less than a second apart at worst
in a few minutes of doing this.

> /4/ can he resolve his keyfile reference such that he never gets
> 	"unknown key version number"?
> 	(My suspicion, he's got path issues between differently built binaries.)

Explain "path issues".  The OpenAFS on sunx86_510 was built with
"--enable-transarc-paths".  /usr/afs/etc/KeyFile exists and is
identical on all hosts.

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