[OpenAFS] OpenAFS algorithm

Harald Barth haba@kth.se
Mon, 19 Apr 2010 11:27:35 +0200 (CEST)

Everything I will say should probably end with the sentence "and on
Windows it might work differently".

> What do you meens by an IP number do not reflect the network topology ?

If your server is on A.B.C.X and your client on A.B.C.Y, it should
work automatically, otherwise not.

> > $ fs where /afs/pdc.kth.se/home/
> > File /afs/pdc.kth.se/home/ is on hosts kinilaw.pdc.kth.se morena.pdc.kth.se sculpin.pdc.kth.se houting.pdc.kth.se 

> The fs where command report me that the path is hosted only on one
> server. But i have a RO copy on the two servers. How to use the
> local copy ?

If only one server is reported from the fs where command your client
has probably not figured out that there is another one. Does 
"fs where /afs/pdc.kth.se/home/" give you the same result as I get?
(your Internet connection may hinder you from testing that).

Have you tried things like "fs checkv" or "fs checks"? Any error
message about not being able to contact the server in the kernel log?

> My fs gets retyurn the two servers. And in the office B the server B is with priority 54, server A is with priority 30001.

54 looks like set by hand. 30001 looks like an automatically assigned
value. But if the client does not know that there are two RO, it does
not use the priorities.