[OpenAFS] OpenAFS algorithm

Fabien COMBERNOUS fcombernous@kezia.com
Tue, 20 Apr 2010 17:58:13 +0200

Fabien COMBERNOUS wrote:
> Hi,
> We are testing OpenAFS. We have a new cell, hosted by two servers 
> located in two differents cities A and B.
> Only on server (in A) have a RW volume, and all servers (in A and B) 
> have a RO copy of the volume.
> From an OpenAFS client located in B, i tried to access to data of the 
> cell. The time necessary to display the picture lets me to say that 
> the client contacted the remote server in A.
> My question is how to permit client in B to use server in B ? I didn't 
> found any document explaining the algorithm used by OpenAFS to decide 
> the server contacted by the client.
> Best regards,
here my solution provided on IRC by sxw and amiga4000.
I needed to have a RO copy of volumes root.cell and root.afs on all my 
Now the command fs where give me a list of all the servers.

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