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Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Fri, 30 Apr 2010 12:41:25 +0200

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Mike Pliskin wrote:
> Dear all,
> First, let me state that I am a complete OpenAFS newbie. I=E2=80=99ve j=
ust started playing with it and found some obstacles I failed to resolve =
myself even after reading the docs =E2=80=93 therefore asking for help he=
>  1.  which version to install? I need windows client support so I need =
1.5 - right? But it is not stable.. Or is it? And don't see any pre-built=
 rpms for it, so compiling from sources?

As the protocol is compatible with rather old versions, you can mix
client and server versions.
BUT as security and bandwidth wise you should use a 1.4.12 or newer
server on your *nix machines.
For a client use 1.5.74 on windows and 1.4.12 on *nix machines.
If you want to test and feel lucky, try the dev builds of 1.5.x on *nix
and report bugs/errors/...

>  2.  tried to compile and it worked but it created a non-"mp" kernel mo=
dule while my kernel needs an mp one - how to fix that?
>  3.  do I really need a new fresh partition to start with or I can re-u=
se an existing one and just make it available via afs?
> Actually #3 is the most important so let me explain. I have a server al=
ready and willing to make a large repository available via afs. Attaching=
 a new hard drive or even changing partitions is hard for me as the serve=
rs is remote for me and has plenty of data already. So is there any way t=
o make afs use just a folder somewhere? Any workarounds?

You need to spend a partition exclusive for OpenAFS server. OpenAFS does
have its onw structure of files in the server-partitions (but it is not
influenced by "false" files in those partitions).

Which ends up in: you need to copy your files into the OpenAFS space
after you have created the server and volumes and the logic fs-tree
You COULD share the openAFS fileserver-partitions via NFS or else and
save extra data in those partitions (which are left alone by the OpenAFS
fileserver) but that includes horrible security issues and is absolute
NOT a way to go.

More important about a new setup are some limits,IMHO the most important
for new users are:
- -only 1 ReadWrite copy of a volume
- -no more than 64k files in a directory
- -replica only on manual/script interaction
- -only whole file locking on server
- -experimental disconnected-mode

But those are all fields which are worked on.

> Thanks a lot for the information in advance,
>   Mike Pliskin

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