[OpenAFS] missing uss & mariner?

Olin Shivers" <olin.afs.7ia@shivers.mail0.org Olin Shivers" <olin.afs.7ia@shivers.mail0.org
Mon, 30 Aug 2010 15:34:36 -0400 (EDT)

The documentation for openafs spends a lot of time talking about
a management utility for creating & destroying user accounts. I've
installed the ubuntu openafs-client & openafs-fileserver packages
(and kerberos), and have a running AFS cell. Everything works; I'm
on the air. But neither the client or the server package seems to 
include uss:

    # which uss
    # dpkg -L openafs-fileserver |fgrep uss
    # dpkg -L openafs-client |fgrep uss

What's the word on this tool?

Also, I remember using a tool when I was a grad student at CMU that would show
you a little running transcript of your AFS fetches, plus server
disconnection/reconnection notices. Was that mariner? (It's been a while -- I
got my degree in 1991.) There's no such tool that I can find in the client
package, and the syslog doesn't show this kind of thing. Am I missing

Or am I confusing the fetch/store log entries with coda's codacon? It's
kind of nice to see this stuff, because it tells me when I've triggered
some storm of fetches, which I should either kill or just compose my soul
in patience. 

Thanks for any advice.