[OpenAFS] missing uss & mariner?

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Mon, 30 Aug 2010 12:51:56 -0700

olin.afs.7ia@shivers.mail0.org writes:

> The documentation for openafs spends a lot of time talking about a
> management utility for creating & destroying user accounts. I've
> installed the ubuntu openafs-client & openafs-fileserver packages (and
> kerberos), and have a running AFS cell. Everything works; I'm on the
> air. But neither the client or the server package seems to include uss:

>     # which uss
>     # dpkg -L openafs-fileserver |fgrep uss
>     # dpkg -L openafs-client |fgrep uss
>     #

> What's the word on this tool?

uss requires that you be running the kaserver, which is heavily
deprecated.  The Debian packages have never included the kaserver or any
of the supporting utilities that require it except for kas and kpasswd in
a separate package for sites that are still temporarily stuck with it.

There has been some discussion of updating uss so that it can talk to
other KDCs, or improving the documentation to make it clear how to use it
without doing that part of account creation.  If any of those come to
fruition, I'll reconsider including it in the Debian packages, but right
now I think the tool is more confusing than useful for new cells.

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