[OpenAFS] Serving AFS to Windows boxes w/o OpenAFS client (Samba)?

Christof Hanke christof.hanke@rzg.mpg.de
Wed, 15 Dec 2010 15:56:53 +0100

There is some stuff about this in the Wiki :


but a lot of stuff is outdated (dead links etc.)

The apparently preferred method is with kimpersonate, which I
don't like that much.
I hope it is possible to create a ticket file using pam and then
use "aklog -setpag" in smb.conf (preexec).
We will also use this for Windows7 clients until 1.8 is out.
However I'm on holiday soon, so I'll get to it in February earliest.



Am 14.12.2010 01:12, schrieb Jeff Blaine:
> This Windows 7 thing has us looking for alternate temporary
> solutions, as 7 is the only OS being pushed to new corporate
> PCs and our OpenAFS from Windows usage is niche enough to
> not warrant concern from corporate IT. So, every few weeks
> we get another user opening a support ticket with us about
> their new PC and non-functioning OpenAFS.
> What is the correct (or at least functioning) way to get
> OpenAFS access from Windows using Samba?
> We do not care about tying to any AD servers, etc. It's
> purely a UNIX/Linux shop from our end.
> I see Samba has:
> --with-afs
> Include AFS clear-text auth support (default=no)
> --with-fake-kaserver
> Include AFS fake-kaserver support (default=no)
> We don't currently run a fake-kaserver, as we have no need.
> It's safe to say that any sort of clear-text auth via
> whatever --with-afs does is unacceptable to us.
> Any guidance would be most appreciated, and I'd be happy
> to write up what works if I get to that point, assuming
> there is nothing written up yet.
> Jeff
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