[OpenAFS] Journal abort caused a problem

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Tue, 09 Feb 2010 19:33:50 -0500

Steve Gaarder wrote:
> Early this morning, one of my AFS servers (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, 
> Openafs 1.4.0) complained of an aborted ext3 journal on /vicepb (which 
> is an md-mirrored pair).  The system declared the filesystem to be 
> read-only, and AFS stopped serving the volumes on that partition.  I 
> had to reboot, fsck the partition, and salvage the volumes.  Does 
> anyone have any idea why this might have happened, and what can be 
> done to prevent a repetition?
An aborted ext3 journal suggests some type of hardware problem or kernel 

Did you manage to get the output of dmesg before rebooting?