[OpenAFS] DNS AFSDB problem in winxp 1.5.71?

Kevin Walsh walsh@njit.edu
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 17:46:01 -0500


I've tested 1.5.72 and DNS AFSDB works, thank you!   We are perhaps 3/4 
on our way off krb4, but in the meantime I would be happy to arrange for 
testing access to our kaserver, or run your release candidate tests 
myself, please let me know.

Now if only kaserver were really my singular issue...


On 09-Feb-2010 18:01, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Kevin:
> Your issue is that you are still using kaserver and while DNS queries
> for the cache manager work properly in 1.5.71, they do not work for klog
> or afscreds or integrated login when communicating to kaserver.
> Sorry about that but I simply don't have any kaservers to test against
> any longer.
> The fix is in the repository and will be included in 1.5.72 when it is
> released.
> Jeffrey Altman