[OpenAFS] OpenAFS Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2010

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 18:36:23 -0500

Here is the February 2010 issue of the OpenAFS Newsletter:

OpenAFS Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2010
    Welcome to the tenth issue of the OpenAFS newsletter. This newsletter
    summarizes what is happening in the OpenAFS community.

    As always, volunteers, patches, bug reports, or any other type of help
    is greatly appreciated.

    Feedback on this newsletter is welcome. The goal is to summarize the
    various development efforts and news of OpenAFS for the community.
    Please let Jason Edgecombe <jason@rampaginggeek.com> know what you would
    like to see out of this newsletter. Any news about AFS-related projects
    is welcome and may be submitted to Jason for inclusion in the next

    The current and past issues of this newsletter are available at

  General OpenAFS Progress
    There were two OpenAFS releases on February 1st. One was 1.5.71, and the
    other was 1.4.12rc2. Due to some late breaking Linux issues with 1.5.71,
    using that version on Linux is discouraged. Testing of 1.4.12rc2 and
    future 1.5.x versions on all platforms is encouraged. Please report any

    Some questions about the timeline of IPv6 came up. IPv6 is part of the
    RxTCP project which is planned for implementation in 2011. See
    <http://www.openafs.org/roadmap.html> for more details.

   Annual Best Practices Workshop
    Plans are already underway for the seventh Workshop, to be held May
    24-28, 2010, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We hope
    to see you there.

    Web site: <http://workshop.openafs.org/afsbpw10/index.html>

   European AFS Conference
    The date for the 3rd European AFS & Kerberos Conference has been set.
    The conference will take place in Pilsen, Czech Republic, from September
    13 to September 15, 2010. More details are forthcoming and will be
    posted at <http://afs2010.civ.zcu.cz>. The conference is being hosted by
    Centre for Information Technology, University of West Bohemia.

  AFS Protocol Standardization
    Informal drafts that haven't been uploaded to the IETF web site:

    Rx Spec:


    Discussion on these proposals is welcome and should be done on the
    AFS3-standardization list at

   PTS Alternate Authentication

    Status: Active - Third call for review

    Third call for review; I'm gonna ask for a last call later in the month
    as so far all review comment has been incorporated, unless something
    comes up.

    --Derrick Brashear

   AFS Callback Extensions

    Status: Active - Needs more discussion

    We need to decide whether we're going to wait for the RPC refresh
    changes before publishing extended callbacks. My belief is that that's
    the only factor currently delaying this document. The question here,
    essentially, is whether anyone would deploy extended callbacks before
    deploying updated RPCs. To date, nobody has said they would do so.

    --Simon Wilkinson

   DNS SRV Resource Records for AFS

    Status: Submitted to IETF

    Last call will complete on February 5th, after which (probably the next
    weekend), I'll upload a new version of the draft. At that point, the
    document will go forward to the IESG for review and approval (possibly
    after futher changes).

    I have read and responded to all of the Last Call feedback received. The
    changes due to the Last Call feedback are mostly minor. Various people
    reviewing the document would have liked to have a reference to the AFS
    protocol specification. I think we all agree that it would be lovely to
    have such a thing!

    --Russ (Received Feb 1, 2010)


    Status: Active

    Rxgk is a security layer for AFS which will support strong encryption
    and authentication through Kerberos v5, GSI and any other GSSAPI
    security mechanism.

    Documents describing rxgk have been published and are being discussed on
    the afs3-standardization list. To date, no major objections have been
    raised in both public, and private, review.

    Implementation work on rxgk has commenced - this is proceeding in a
    number of parallel tracks:

    1   Changes are being made to the OpenAFS code base to support multiple
        security layers - these changes will aid the integration of both
        rxgk and any other new RX security mechanism. These are being
        submitted to OpenAFS's gerrit as they occur, and are already being
        merged into the development tree - look for commits by
        sxw@your-file-system.com if you wish to track these.

    2   A new cryptography framework for OpenAFS is being developed. Whilst
        we are keen to avoid using our own cryptography code, in some
        situations such as the kernel, we have no choice. So, the intention
        is to provide a multi-layered cryptography framework where each
        layer can be replaced with native routines. As a foundation, we will
        be using Heimdal's libcrypto library to provide a set of EVP-style
        functions to the rest of the OpenAFS code. We will use this in the
        kernel, and where a compatible library is not available in
        userspace. On top of this, we will provide a library offering
        RFC3961 style encryption functions. The current intention is to base
        this on Heimdal's crypto.c. rxgk will then be built on top of this

    3   rxgk itself is being implemented on top of this base. An initial
        implementation of the key negotiation mechanism is complete, and
        work has commenced on writing the block encryption layer.


   AFS3 ACL Rights

    Status: Second draft

    Andrew Deason has published an IETF draft to provide a common document
    for discussion of the proposed new ACL rights to prevent users with
    admin rights on a folder from giving rights to system:anyuser.

   Rx Security Object Providing Cleartext Peer Identity Assertions

    Status: BCP

    There are a number of anonymous RxRPC applications which require
    identity assertions in order to ensure that the desired peer receives
    and processes the procedure call. This memo defines a replacement for
    the rxnull security class which provides a means for mutually agreeing
    upon who is communicating, without incurring cryptographic overhead. It
    should be noted that, much like rxnull, this security object is not
    suitable for use in a distributed environment due to its inability to
    provide integrity protection.

   Demand-Attach FileServer (DAFS)
    Project Contacts:

    *   Andrew Deason <adeason@sinenomine.net>

    *   Tom Keiser <tkeiser@sinenomine.net>

    *   Mike Meffie <mmeffie@sinenomine.net>

    Performance improvements are being worked on in gerrit 1092 (parallel
    preattach optimization) and gerrit 880 (volume group cache). 1092 is
    nearly done (just undergoing review) while 880 needs some more work on
    the underlying lock work (gerrit 1237). Development documentation has
    begun to emerge, starting with FSSYNC docs (gerrit 1236).


   Better Documentation
    Project Contacts:

    *   Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu>

    *   Jason Edgecombe <jason@rampaginggeek.com>

    Simon Wilkinson added the -files and -excessive options to the
    fs_getcacheparms man page and updated the man pages and XML
    documentation to reflect that new versions don't perform a weekly
    restart of the bosserver. Asanka Herath fixed a typo in the Admin guide.

   Pthreaded Ubik
    Project Contact:

    *   Steven Jenkins <steven.jenkins@gmail.com>

    *   Andrew Deason <adeason@sinenomine.net>

    Pthreaded ubik now compiles again on master without warnings. While
    there are no known issues with pthreaded ubik itself at this point,
    portions of the vlserver code are known not to be threadsafe. Work is
    ongoing on making the vlserver threadsafe and thus safe to use with
    pthreaded ubik.


   Kerberos v5 and multiple encryption types
    Project Contacts:

    *   Matt Benjamin <matt@linuxbox.com>

    *   Marcus Watts <mwd@umich.edu>

    rxk5 test environment -> upgraded.

    build logic for openafs -> fixes so can now build "out of tree".

    Now looking at kerberos integration issues.

    The plan is to deliver "separated" patches around may. Patches will be
    against some recent version of openafs as of that time.


   Disconnected AFS support
    Project Contacts:

    *   Simon Wilkinson <sxw@inf.ed.ac.uk>

    *   Dragos Tatulea <dragos.tatulea@gmail.com>

    Simon started some discussion on the afs3-standardization list about
    adding a VL_WhoAmI RPC to aid with reconstructing ACL's in disconnected

   Per-File ACLs
    Project Contacts:

    *   Marc Dionne <marc.c.dionne@gmail.com>

    I did some work on it last summer which included a basic working
    prototype, and there has also been some discussion of the expected
    semantics, compatibility and implementation issues.

    I'm proposing to do a talk on the subject at the next workshop, and hope
    to revive the issue and move it forward in the meantime by trying to get
    some consensus on the expected semantics, formalising the protocol
    changes, and make progress on the coding front.


   Projects with no progress or no update
    Each project without progress this month is listed along with the month
    of the last update.

    *   Rx OSD integration & Raw Vicep Access in Clients - August 2009

    *   S3 Front-end for AFS - November 2009

    *   Active Directory Backend for Ptserver - November 2009

    *   Virtual Machine Images - November 2009

    *   SetAG - December 2009

    *   Userspace cache manager - December 2009

    *   *BSD Support - January 2010

    *   Mac OS X OpenAFS Preference Pane - January 2010

    *   Extended Callback Information - January 2010

  Gerrit Activity
    To review a change, go to http://gerrit.openafs.org/#change,NUM where
    NUM is the Change# shown in the lists below.

     Number of patches waiting for review: 51 (last month: 27)

     Patches merged into the master branch:
     Month   Number of Commits
     2010-02   43 (Partial month)
     2010-01  103
     2009-12   72
     2009-11   85
     2009-10  154
     2009-09  142
     2009-08   78
     2009-07  181

     Patches merged into the stable branch:
     Month   Number of Commits
     2010-02  12 (Partial month)
     2010-01  11
     2009-12  92
     2009-11  21
     2009-10   7
     2009-09   8
     2009-08  17
     2009-07   5

   Patches waiting for review
     Date       Author          Change# Description
     2010-02-09 Andrew Deason    (1264) Abstract /vicepX header traversal
     2010-02-09 Andrew Deason     (880) DAFS: Maintain viced volume 
group hierarchy cache
     2010-02-08 Andrew Deason    (1263) salvager: avoid needing temp 
files to stay around
     2010-02-08 Antoine Verheijen (1262) Fix segmentation fault in 
     2010-02-08 Andrew Deason    (1238) Consolidate code for 
reading/writing vol headers
     2010-02-08 Andrew Deason    (1237) Add a general file-level locking API
     2010-02-08 Andrew Deason    (1236) Document FSSYNC commands
     2010-02-08 Antoine Verheijen (1261) Add support for OpenBSD 4.6
     2010-02-08 Antoine Verheijen (1260) OpenBSD: allow for more 
graceful shutdown
     2010-02-08 Antoine Verheijen (1259) OpenBSD: fix lookup of network 
     2010-02-08 Antoine Verheijen (1255) OpenBSD: don't use pthreads
     2010-02-08 Antoine Verheijen (1258) OpenBSD: move AFS memory type offet
     2010-02-08 Antoine Verheijen (1257) OpenBSD: don't use 
AFS_GLOBAL_SUNLOCK on single processor system
     2010-02-08 Antoine Verheijen (1256) OpenBSD: allow code 
optimization to be turned off
     2010-02-08 Rainer Toebbicke (1252) afs_TruncateAllSegments() make 
sure correct afs_size_t comparison is used when selecting dcache entries 
for truncation
     2010-02-08 Andrew Deason    (1254) salvager: alias -f to -force
     2010-02-08 Andrew Deason    (1235) Create missing root directory 
     2010-02-08 Michael Meffie   (1001) return an error from afs_readdir 
when out of buffers
     2010-02-06 Dan Hyde         (1212) VTRANS_LOCK not needed in TryUnlock
     2010-02-05 Derrick Brashear (1225) internationalize comerr
     2010-02-05 Derrick Brashear (1234) afsdb kernel timeout
     2010-02-05 Derrick Brashear (1066) darwin rxevent sleep instead of 
     2010-02-05 Simon Wilkinson  (1244) Refactor afs_ioctl code
     2010-02-05 Simon Wilkinson  (1243) UKERNEL: End the #define u insanity
     2010-02-05 Simon Wilkinson  (1242) Add rx security index enum
     2010-02-05 Simon Wilkinson  (1241) Unix CM: Simplify #ifdef ladder 
in lock.h
     2010-02-05 Simon Wilkinson  (1240) Unix CM: Indent #ifdef ladder in 
     2010-02-05 Simon Wilkinson  (1239) Unix CM: Reorganise security 
object code
     2010-02-05 Dan Hyde         (1213) VOL_LOCK needed when traversing 
     2010-02-04 Derrick Brashear (1233) provide afs_osi_TimedSleep
     2010-02-03 Dan Hyde         (1191) runningCalls: VOL_COUNT_LOCK vs 
     2010-02-03 Derrick Brashear (1172) linux mmap anti-deadlock 
shouldn't break StoreAllSegments
     2010-02-03 Derrick Brashear (1201) basic kernel event system for afs cm
     2010-02-02 Simon Wilkinson  (1072) Unix CM: Conflate 
     2010-01-29 Michael Meffie   (1092) DAFS: avoid volume lock 
contention during initialization
     2010-01-27 Adam Megacz      (1118) Have bosserver catch SIGTERM and 
shut down gracefully.
     2010-01-20 Simon Wilkinson  (1074) Unix CM: Include memcache's tiov 
in rxfs_context
     2010-01-14 Jeffrey Altman   (1084) Windows: Permit AFSCache file to 
be encrypted
     2010-01-14 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (1080) LINUX: you dont need 
to memset() after allocating credentials
     2010-01-14 Derrick Brashear  (451) macos knote fsevents hinting
     2009-11-29 Andrew Deason     (875) Make ubik use unsigned addresses
     2009-11-18 Andrew Deason     (709) Break origin's callback for 
RXAFS_Rename target
     2009-11-04 Andrew Deason     (436) Avoid unnecessarily updating .. 
in SAFSS_Rename
     2009-11-04 Evan Broder       (778) Increase the maximum number of 
     2009-11-04 Michael Meffie    (215) Print throttled packet counts 
with rxdebug
     2009-10-26 Jacob Thebault-Spieker (433) Add throughput framework to 
     2009-09-09 Matt Benjamin     (435) clear stat flag on renamed 
     2009-08-29 Matt Benjamin     (376) K5SSL by Marcus Watts
     2009-07-29 Michael Meffie    (147) Fix bosserver directory creation
     2009-07-24 Hartmut Reuter     (70) preparing rxosd integration: 
change in AFSFetchStatus

   Patches merged into the master branch
     Date       Author          Change# Description
     2010-02-08 Andrew Deason    (1253) tubik: Initialize mutexes and cvs
     2010-02-07 Derrick Brashear (1251) darwin vnodeops cleanup
     2010-02-07 Derrick Brashear (1249) macos package allow backrev
     2010-02-06 Derrick Brashear (1248) fetchstore reorg
     2010-02-06 Derrick Brashear (1247) set storeproc for non-linux
     2010-02-05 Derrick Brashear (1246) decode-panic deal with kextload
     2010-02-05 Jeffrey Altman   (1245) Windows: Remove use of 
AFS_AFSDB_ENV from kauth/user_nt.c
     2010-02-04 Derrick Brashear (1230) macos prefs pane spelling
     2010-02-04 Marc Dionne      (1229) Don't clear afs_stats_cmperf too 
early during shutdown
     2010-02-04 Derrick Brashear (1228) fakestat should preclude afsdb 
lookups too
     2010-02-03 Derrick Brashear (1227) macos installer scripts 
shouldn't echo
     2010-02-03 Derrick Brashear (1226) format fallout
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson  (1224) Fix fs storebehind on files with 
2 or more servers
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson  (1223) Fix pioctl input and output handling
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson  (1222) Make twiddle build
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson  (1221) Add xdr_len, to work out 
required buffer size
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson  (1220) Add xdr_mem to the Unix build
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson   (796) Add printf format checks to the 
rest of tree
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson   (795) Add printf format checks to rx
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson  (1219) Add interface to select client 
security objects
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson   (792) Add printf format checks to the 
cache manager
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson   (794) Add printf format checks to 
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson   (793) Add printf format checks to 
util's log functions
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson  (1218) Don't pass tokens around the 
backup system
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson  (1177) Common interface for server 
security objects
     2010-02-03 Simon Wilkinson  (1217) Document the extra options to fs 
     2010-02-02 Simon Wilkinson  (1208) Add a set of strings for the 
     2010-02-02 Andrew Deason    (1211) Squash pthreaded ubik warnings
     2010-02-02 Andrew Deason    (1210) Use -A and -u in pthreaded ubik 
     2010-02-02 Andrew Deason    (1209) Build utst_client for pthreaded ubik
     2010-02-02 Simon Wilkinson  (1206) Don't echo from the 
InstallationCheck script
     2010-02-02 Simon Wilkinson  (1205) Remove internal vldbClientInit 
     2010-02-02 Derrick Brashear (1200) icl 64 bit platform rationalization
     2010-02-02 Derrick Brashear (1199) icl trace code deduplication
     2010-02-02 Simon Wilkinson  (1204) Fix USS to use volser prototypes
     2010-02-02 Simon Wilkinson  (1202) xdr_proc_t really is different 
on linux26_i386
     2010-02-02 Simon Wilkinson  (1203) Darwin: Stop CM builds when 
errors occur
     2010-02-02 Marc Dionne      (1195) Linux: warning fix in osi_file.c
     2010-02-02 Simon Wilkinson  (1194) Linux: Fix breakage in llseek 
error handling
     2010-02-01 Derrick Brashear (1190) call afs_osi_suser correctly in 
     2010-02-01 Derrick Brashear (1185) make 1.5.71 for unix
     2010-02-01 Jeffrey Altman   (1184) Windows: ChangeLog and Version 
Number for 1.5.71
     2010-02-01 Simon Wilkinson  (1073) Unix CM: Always use ->storeproc()
     2010-01-31 Derrick Brashear (1182) rx idledeadtime don't track 
window wait
     2010-01-29 Simon Wilkinson  (1181) Darwin: Don't use ARCHFLAGS to 
determine arch
     2010-01-29 Derrick Brashear (1180) macos prefpane fat binary arch 
selection correction
     2010-01-29 Derrick Brashear (1173) linux cache file open fail print 
     2010-01-29 Derrick Brashear (1179) xdrproc_t probably not really 
different on linux26
     2010-01-29 Derrick Brashear (1178) further irix updates
     2010-01-28 Derrick Brashear (1176) afsd missing close brace
     2010-01-28 Derrick Brashear (1174) irix cc defaults to pre-c99
     2010-01-28 Derrick Brashear (1171) ignore generated macos packaging 
description file
     2010-01-28 Derrick Brashear (1175) irix can't have vprintf in the 
     2010-01-28 Jeffrey Altman   (1164) Windows: drop cm_Freelance_Lock 
before call to cm_FreelanceAddMount
     2010-01-27 Jeffrey Altman   (1170) Windows: export xdr_serverList 
and xdr_Capabilities from afsrpc.dll
     2010-01-27 Marc Dionne      (1167) Linux: don't count pag keys 
against root's keyring quotas
     2010-01-27 Derrick Brashear (1169) init pthread mutexes only if an 
initializer exists
     2010-01-27 Derrick Brashear (1166) initialize pthread mutexes to 
avoid compiler common variable stupidity
     2010-01-27 Derrick Brashear (1133) switch to always attempting 
     2010-01-27 Simon Wilkinson  (1168) XDR memory management fixes
     2010-01-27 Derrick Brashear (1160) rx ResetCall should wait if it 
says it will
     2010-01-27 Derrick Brashear (1159) rx avoid discarding packets 
while tq is busy
     2010-01-27 Jeffrey Altman   (319) Use xdr_alloc and xdr_free within 
     2010-01-26 Derrick Brashear (1165) viced detailed stats should 
record stored bytes correctly
     2010-01-25 Derrick Brashear (1158) darwin80 if changes cleanup
     2010-01-25 Derrick Brashear (1157) darwin rx if structure fix
     2010-01-25 Derrick Brashear (1154) pagsh dependencies don't get to 
include system libs
     2010-01-25 Simon Wilkinson  (1155) Linux: Handle llseek failure
     2010-01-24 Derrick Brashear (1153) unix 1.5.70
     2010-01-24 Jeffrey Altman   (1146) Windows: 1.5.70
     2010-01-23 Marc Dionne      (1151) Linux Keyrings: don't ignore 
error code from session keyring creation
     2010-01-23 Marc Dionne      (1150) Add missing dependencies for 
pagsh in Makefile
     2010-01-22 Simon Wilkinson  (1149) Revert "Fix afs_AccessOK for 
dropbox case"
     2010-01-22 Simon Wilkinson  (1147) Don't throw data away in 
     2010-01-22 Andrew Deason    (1143) Fix afs_AccessOK for dropbox case
     2010-01-22 Derrick Brashear (1101) abstract rx if structure access
     2010-01-22 Russ Allbery     (1144) Enable weak enctypes for 
klog.krb5 if supported by Kerberos
     2010-01-22 Derrick Brashear (1132) simplify ufs cache mechanisms 
     2010-01-22 Russ Allbery     (1141) Enable weak enctypes for aklog 
if supported by Kerberos
     2010-01-22 Marc Dionne      (1140) afs_vnop_attrs: syntax error in 
conditional expression
     2010-01-22 Jeffrey Altman   (1142) Windows: AFS_AFSDB_ENV 
preprocessor symbol no longer exists
     2010-01-21 Jeffrey Altman   (1139) Windows: add build and clean 
rule for bc.h
     2010-01-21 Jeffrey Altman   (1138) Windows: Windows v6.0 SDK does 
not define __RPC__out
     2010-01-21 Jeffrey Altman   (1136) Undo labeling of elements of rx 
structures for Windows
     2010-01-21 Jeffrey Altman   (1135) Install bucoord/bc.h to permit 
Windows to build
     2010-01-21 Marc Dionne      (1134) Warning cleanup: implicit 
function declarations in butc and bucoord
     2010-01-21 Simon Wilkinson  (1126) Label elements of rx structures
     2010-01-20 Derrick Brashear (1125) batch panic decoding for MacOS
     2010-01-20 Derrick Brashear (1122) macos set don't backup attribute 
on cache files
     2010-01-20 Simon Wilkinson  (1131) Fix so that UKERNEL can keep 
using system xdr
     2010-01-20 Russ Allbery     (1129) Avoid executable headers in 
local include tree
     2010-01-19 Jeffrey Altman   (1124) Windows: Help text update for 
Network Identity Manager Provider
     2010-01-19 Asanka Herath    (1121) Windows: Add a context menu for 
the AFS icon
     2010-01-19 Jeffrey Altman   (1115) Windows: Version number update 
for 1.5.69
     2010-01-19 Jeffrey Altman   (1114) Windows: ChangeLog for 1.5.69
     2010-01-19 Derrick Brashear (1123) make 1.5.69 for unix
     2010-01-17 Derrick Brashear (1120) create debugging kext package 
for MacOS
     2010-01-17 Marc Dionne      (1116) More pam warning cleanups - 
     2010-01-17 Marc Dionne      (1117) up.c: remove unused variable 
     2010-01-17 Marc Dionne      (1119) uss: Fix IP address parsing and 
cleanup warnings
     2010-01-16 Asanka Herath    (1105) Windows: Query the MTU value 
from the registry
     2010-01-16 Simon Wilkinson  (1112) Don't double free call structure
     2010-01-16 Simon Wilkinson  (1110) Linux: Add missing prototype
     2010-01-16 Simon Wilkinson  (1109) Unix CM: Fix negative file 
length case, again
     2010-01-16 Jeffrey Altman   (1107) Rx: Correct AFS_NT40_ENV 
rx_GetIFInfo max MTU assignments
     2010-01-16 Jeffrey Altman   (1108) Rx: Do not drop call lock in 
rx_WriteProc* and rx_ReadProc*
     2010-01-15 Jeffrey Altman   (1106) Rx: Remove last remnants of 
DJGPP support
     2010-01-15 Marc Dionne       (847) src/pam warning fixes
     2010-01-15 Asanka Herath    (1103) Fix typo in AdminGuide
     2010-01-14 Dan Hyde         (1098) volmonitor keep vtrans lock
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson   (838) Kernel is always defined
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson   (837) Move GLOCK initialisation to 
platform directories
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1062) rewrite afs_MemWriteBlk() using 
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1061) Quick fix for readpages when 
using memcache
     2010-01-14 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (1079) afsd: decprecate 
-mem_alloc_sleep flag (and related code)
     2010-01-14 Andrew Deason    (1090) Always check VInitVolumePackage2 
return code
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1097) Remove weekly bosserver restarts
     2010-01-13 Simon Wilkinson  (1007) Linux: Rework PAG to group 
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1089) Windows: remove signed vs 
unsigned error in smb_Init
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1087) Windows: Protect buffers in 
smb_WriteData from simultaneous writes
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1017) Windows: fs examine owner and 
group are signed
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1086) Windows: do not call 
cm_SearchCellByDNS if AFS_AFSDB_ENV is not defined
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1085) Windows: buf_Recycle should 
clean up flags and reset version
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1083) Windows: do not leak 
scp->dirlock if cm_BPlusDirBuildTree fails
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1016) Windows: alter nmtest CreateFile 
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman    (900) Windows: return ENOMEM from 
cm_BPlus functions on malloc failure
     2010-01-12 Simon Wilkinson  (1075) Use dget_parent to handle 
getting inode of parent
     2010-01-12 Matt Benjamin    (1068) freebsd:  CM changes targeting 
     2010-01-12 Andrew Deason     (997) DAFS: avoid saving fileserver 
state when panicing
     2010-01-12 Andrew Deason     (787) DAFS: Allow non-fileserver to 
schedule salvages
     2010-01-08 Simon Wilkinson  (1082) Revert "Linux: Replace 
     2010-01-08 Derrick Brashear (1059) linux kernel lacks uintptr
     2010-01-08 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (1078) UNIX CM: remove the 
last remaining reference to afs_rxglobal_lock
     2010-01-07 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (1077) LINUX/: ifdef for 
GFP_NOFS conditionals
     2010-01-06 Derrick Brashear (1056) darwin module prototype and cleanup
     2010-01-06 Dan Hyde         (1069) volmonitor copy link before 
calling free
     2010-01-06 Simon Wilkinson  (1071) Linux: Mark our super block as 
not updating access time
     2010-01-06 Simon Wilkinson  (1070) Linux: Use the correct ATIME flag
     2010-01-05 Derrick Brashear (1065) cachemanager additional cleanup
     2010-01-05 Derrick Brashear (1057) macos code signature for afsd
     2010-01-05 Marc Dionne      (1063) Linux: don't oops on writeback 
if vcache has no stashed credentials
     2010-01-05 Andrew Deason    (999) Refuse to attach inode partitions 
with UFS logging
     2010-01-05 Michael Meffie   (1046) viced: allow alternate addresses 
on the same hash chain again
     2010-01-05 Simon Wilkinson  (1060) Fixes for supergroups on Darwin 
     2010-01-04 Simon Wilkinson  (1047) Unix CM: Use xdr_free to free 
memory allocated by XDR
     2010-01-04 Matt Benjamin    (1055) freebsd: fix afs_root signature 

   Patches merged into the stable branch
     Date       Author          Change# Description
     2010-02-07 Derrick Brashear (1250) macos package allow backrev
     2010-02-04 Derrick Brashear (1232) fakestat should preclude afsdb 
lookups too
     2010-02-04 Derrick Brashear (1231) macos prefs pane spelling
     2010-02-02 Derrick Brashear (1216) no debian packaging in 1.4.x
     2010-02-02 Derrick Brashear (1215) Add a set of strings for the 
     2010-02-02 Derrick Brashear (1214) create debugging kext package 
for MacOS
     2010-02-02 Derrick Brashear (1207) Don't echo from the 
InstallationCheck script
     2010-02-02 Derrick Brashear (1197) afs_vnop_attrs: syntax error in 
conditional expression
     2010-02-01 Derrick Brashear (1193) call afs_osi_suser correctly in 
     2010-02-01 Derrick Brashear (1186) make 1.4.12 rc2
     2010-02-01 Derrick Brashear (1183) rx idledeadtime don't track 
window wait
     2010-01-22 Russ Allbery     (1148) Enable weak enctypes for 
klog.krb5 if supported by Kerberos
     2010-01-22 Derrick Brashear (1137) linux mmap anti-deadlock should 
issue error rather than write returns
     2010-01-22 Russ Allbery     (1145) Enable weak enctypes for aklog 
if supported by Kerberos
     2010-01-16 Simon Wilkinson  (1113) Don't double free call structure
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1102) Spec file changes
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1099) Don't install compile_et into 
its own directory
     2010-01-14 Derrick Brashear  (994) Linux: kmem_cache_create fix and 
     2010-01-12 Derrick Brashear (1091) make 1.4.12rc1
     2010-01-08 Derrick Brashear (1081) linux kernel lacks uintptr
     2010-01-07 Andrew Deason    (1076) avoid leaking stat info
     2010-01-07 Derrick Brashear (1053) viced host always hash on add

  Resolved Tickets
    Here is a list of tickets that have been resolved since January 1, 2010:

      ticket # state     created       title
        62986: resolved  Jun 06, 2007  tokens being discarded with error 
       124097: resolved  Jan 09, 2009  h_Enumerate found <count> of 
<hostCount> hosts
       124483: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: volume header not properly 
       124484: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: volumes not salvaged when 
the first access is from the volserver
       124485: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: fileserver cores if 
restarted during start-up
       124486: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: fileserver hangs on shutdown
       124490: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: volume moves within a 
server cause volheaders to be out of sync
       124491: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: salvageserver race 
condition in JudgeEntry
       124951: resolved  Jun 18, 2009  1.4.11pre1 on openSuSE fails rpmlint.
       124975: resolved  Jun 23, 2009  fix rxgen in various Makefiles in 
       124977: resolved  Jun 23, 2009  properly initialize pthreaded 
ubik mutexes & condvars
       125365: resolved  Sep 04, 2009  ZFS cache usage tracking
       126251: resolved  Jan 25, 2010  Snow Leopard openafs 1.5.70 kext 
       126317: resolved  Feb 01, 2010  OpenAFS-1.4.12pre2  
afs_vnop_attrs.c fails to compile on sun4x_515, sunx86_510 and sun4x_59
       126322: resolved  Feb 02, 2010  Less than useful error message 
when using 10.5 installer on 10.6