[OpenAFS] write permissions without locking?

Gémes Géza geza@kzsdabas.hu
Fri, 19 Feb 2010 19:01:35 +0100

Jeffrey Altman írta:
> On 2/19/2010 1:30 AM, Gémes Géza wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My problem is that in our organization we have a few shared volumes,
>> where a few people have write access at various folders. Many times they
>> would need just some read access to those files, but if someone else
>> keeps it open nobody else can open it because of the locks the first
>> user keeps on the file. I know that it is by design, but I would be
>> interested if there is any way I could circumvent it?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Geza
> It would be helpful if you mentioned which operating system and which
> applications you are using.
> I suspect that you are using one of the Windows operating systems
> and that the application is one of the Microsoft Office applications
> but it would be good to know for sure.
> Jeffrey Altman
Shortly, the answer is yes.
A longer one the clients in question are Windows XP SP3 with KB955535 
and KB971421 applied, OpenAFS 1.5.7000
The applications are mainly from MSOffice2003: mostly Word and Excel.

Thanks for your help.