[OpenAFS] Localized (non en_US version) of 1.5.68 for Windows available?

Holger Rauch holger.rauch@empic.de
Thu, 14 Jan 2010 18:58:49 +0100

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Hi Jeffrey,

thanks again for your quick reply.

On Thu, 14 Jan 2010, Jeffrey Altman wrote:

> [...]=20
> You can manually install the Microsoft Loopback Adapter with "Add
> Hardware Control Panel" and configure it to match:
> [...]
> [x] Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP
> [x] Enable LMHOSTS lookup

That's interesting. Do I really need NetBIOS enabled? Can't I just get
by simply by using SMB over plain TCP/IP (port 445 only)? I have
NetBIOS over TCP/IP disabled on my normal (physical) network
interface. Also, the corresponding NetBIOS services are disabled.
LMHOSTS lookup is disabled for my physical interface as well.

Why are NetBIOS and LMHOSTS needed for OpenAFS?

Thanks in advance & kind regards,

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