[OpenAFS] 1.4.12fc1 kernel panics

Simon Wilkinson sxw@inf.ed.ac.uk
Sat, 16 Jan 2010 10:34:57 +0000

Unfortunately, just a bare panic log isn't that much use when it comes  
to tracking the problem down. Unless we've got exactly the same  
kernel, architecture, OpenAFS build, etc as you are using, it's  
difficult to convert the stack addresses back into symbols.

However, there is a tool that will help you do this - decode-panic.  
I'm not sure if we're installing it in the 1.4.x series, but you can  
get a copy from http://git.openafs.org/?p=openafs.git;a=blob_plain;f=src/packaging/MacOS/decode-panic;h=a775b9a82b1deea7abdc2c0f109dc04446371e60;hb=HEAD

If you can decode the panic using that, and let us know the results,  
that would be very helpful.