[OpenAFS] OpenAFS Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2010

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Sat, 16 Jan 2010 13:58:43 -0500

Here is the January 2010 issue of the OpenAFS Newsletter. An HTML 
version is available at

OpenAFS Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2010
    Welcome to the ninth issue of the OpenAFS newsletter. This newsletter
    summarizes what is happening in the OpenAFS community.

    As always, volunteers, patches, bug reports, or any other type of help
    is greatly appreciated.

    Feedback on this newsletter is welcome. The goal is to summarize the
    various development efforts and news of OpenAFS for the community.
    Please let Jason Edgecombe <jason@rampaginggeek.com> know what you would
    like to see out of this newsletter. Any news about AFS-related projects
    is welcome and may be submitted to Jason for inclusion in the next

    The current and past issues of this newsletter are available at

  General OpenAFS Progress
    Some discussion took place about which configure and command-line
    options should be changed before the code is branched for 1.6. The
    archive is at
    Based on this discussion, Simon Wilkinson submitted patches to
    enable bos-restricted mode at compile-time, remove the
    --disable-large-fileserver configuration option, always enabled AFSDB
    support inclients, and always have the "vos listvol" command show full
    output. These patches were accepted and merged into the master git

    Code cleanup: Russ Allbery fixed all compiler warnings regarding
    supergroups onthe i386 platform. Some warnings remain on x86_64

    Simon's patch to tone down the warnings about syscall probing was
    accepted into the 1.4.x branch and will be in the next 1.4 release.

    1.4.12 release candidate 1 was released on January 12. Testing and
    feedback is encouraged. Please report any success or failures on the
    openafs-into or openafs-devel email lists. Bug reports are greatly

   Annual Best Practices Workshop
    Plans are already underway for the seventh Workshop, to be held May
    24-28, 2010, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We hope
    to see you there.

    Web site: <http://workshop.openafs.org/afsbpw10/index.html>

    The deadline for proposals is February 1:


   European AFS Conference
    The date for the 3rd European AFS & Kerberos Conference has been set.
    The conference will take place in Pilsen, Czech Republic, from September
    13 to September 15, 2010. More details are forthcoming and will be
    posted at <http://afs2010.civ.zcu.cz>. The conference is being hosted by
    Centre for Information Technology, University of West Bohemia.

  AFS Protocol Standardization
    Informal drafts that haven't been uploaded to the IETF web site:

    Rx Spec:


    Discussion on these proposals is welcome and should be done on the
    AFS3-standardization list at

   PTS Alternate Authentication

    Status: Active - Third call for review

    Third call for review; I'm gonna ask for a last call later in the month
    as so far all review comment has been incorporated, unless something
    comes up.

    --Derrick Brashear

   AFS Callback Extensions

    Status: Active - Needs more discussion

    We need to decide whether we're going to wait for the RPC refresh
    changes before publishing extended callbacks. My belief is that that's
    the only factor currently delaying this document. The question here,
    essentially, is whether anyone would deploy extended callbacks before
    deploying updated RPCs. To date, nobody has said they would do so.

    --Simon Wilkinson

   DNS SRV Resource Records for AFS

    Status: Submitted to IETF

    The IESG has received a request from an individual submitter to consider
    the following document:

    - 'DNS SRV Resource Records for AFS '
    <draft-allbery-afs-srv-records-03.txt> as a Proposed Standard

    The IESG plans to make a decision in the next few weeks, and solicits
    final comments on this action. Please send substantive comments to the
    ietf@ietf.org mailing lists by 2010-02-05. Exceptionally, comments may
    be sent to iesg@ietf.org instead. In either case, please retain the
    beginning of the Subject line to allow automated sorting.

    Please note that the document has a Normative Downreference to RFC 1183,
    which is an Experimental RFC.

    The file can be obtained via

    IESG discussion can be tracked via

    I've just pushed a new version of the RXGK draft to the Internet Drafts
    repository. I believe that this draft addresses all of the comments I've
    received to date, and all of the issues raised at the Edinburgh

    Implementation is likely to start shortly - review would be greatly

    The draft is available from:


   AFS3 ACL Rights

    Status: Second draft

    Andrew Deason has published an IETF draft to provide a common document
    for discussion of the proposed new ACL rights to prevent users with
    admin rights on a folder from giving rights to system:anyuser.

   Demand-Attach FileServer (DAFS)
    Project Contacts:

    *   Andrew Deason <adeason@sinenomine.net>

    *   Tom Keiser <tkeiser@sinenomine.net>

    *   Mike Meffie <mmeffie@sinenomine.net>

    Bug 124484 (volserver salvages) has finally been fixed, and with that,
    we are aware of no open DAFS-specific bugs that are critical for
    production use. The salvager optimization in gerrit 880 is being
    partially reworked to better accommodate changes in volume/partition
    locking which is currently in progress. Parts of the new developer
    documentation have been completed, and should be public soon.


   Better Documentation
    Project Contacts:

    *   Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu>

    *   Jason Edgecombe <jason@rampaginggeek.com>

    Just the regular maintenance work on the man pages and documentation of
    new features.


    Documentation fixes were made for vos_dump, asetkey, and bos.

   *BSD Support
    Project Contacts:

    *   Matt Benjamin <matt@linuxbox.com>

    I've released cm updates for FreeBSD RELENG_8, most are committed;
    number of outstanding cm issues is shrinking; a 9-CURRENT update will

    I have updated patches for a NetBSD cm port rebased from OpenBSD's ,
    though result isn't 100% working cm, it's a...big improvement. Will send
    soon for consideration.


   Pthreaded Ubik
    Project Contact:

    *   Steven Jenkins <steven.jenkins@gmail.com>

    *   Andrew Deason <adeason@sinenomine.net>

    After several months of inactivity, several people have started work on
    fixing the known problems in pthreaded ubik. Contact Steven Jenkins or
    Andrew Deason if you would like to help with bug fixing and/or testing.

   Mac OS X OpenAFS Preference Pane
    Project Contact:

    *   Claudio Bisegni <Claudio.Bisegni@lnf.infn.it>

    The preference pane is now compiled as a multi-platform binary for the
    ppc, i386, and x86_64 Mac OS X platforms.


   Extended Callback Information
    Project Contacts:

    *   Matt Benjamin <matt@linuxbox.com>

    I understand extended callbacks to be not blocked, but is complicated
    because rpc refresh work must precede it--a solution would seemingly be
    opening of a pre-1.6 branch


   Kerberos v5 and multiple encryption types
    Project Contacts:

    *   Matt Benjamin <matt@linuxbox.com>

    *   Marcus Watts <mwd@umich.edu>

    rxk5 has been stalled for a bit, but potentially it could be unblocked
    by opening of a pre-1.6 branch

   Projects with no progress or no update
    Each project without progress this month is listed along with the month
    of the last update.

    *   Disconnected AFS support - June 2009

    *   Rx OSD integration & Raw Vicep Access in Clients - August 2009

    *   S3 Front-end for AFS - November 2009

    *   Active Directory Backend for Ptserver - November 2009

    *   Virtual Machine Images - November 2009

    *   SetAG - December 2009

    *   Userspace cache manager - December 2009

  Gerrit Activity
    To review a change, go to http://gerrit.openafs.org/#change,NUM where
    NUM is the Change# shown in the lists below.

     Number of patches waiting for review: 27 (last month: 27)

     Patches merged into the master branch:
     Month   Number of Commits
     2010-01   38  (Partial month)
     2009-12   72
     2009-11   85
     2009-10  154
     2009-09  142
     2009-08   78
     2009-07  181

     Patches merged into the stable branch:
     Month   Number of Commits
     2010-01   7 (Partial month)
     2009-12  92
     2009-11  21
     2009-10   7
     2009-09   8
     2009-08  17
     2009-07   5

   Patches waiting for review
     Date       Author         Change# Description
     2010-01-15 Marc Dionne       (847) src/pam warning fixes
     2010-01-14 Derrick Brashear (1101) abstract rx if structure access
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1074) Unix CM: Include memcache's tiov 
in rxfs_context
     2010-01-14 Jeffrey Altman   (1084) Windows: Permit AFSCache file to 
be encrypted
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1073) Unix CM: Always use ->storeproc()
     2010-01-14 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (1080) LINUX: you dont need 
to memset() after allocating credentials
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1072) Unix CM: Conflate 
     2010-01-14 Derrick Brashear  (451) macos knote fsevents hinting
     2010-01-14 Michael Meffie   (1001) return an error from afs_readdir 
when out of buffers
     2010-01-14 Michael Meffie   (1092) DAFS: avoid volume lock 
contention during initialization
     2010-01-06 Derrick Brashear (1066) darwin rxevent sleep instead of 
     2009-12-30 Andrew Deason     (880) DAFS: Maintain viced volume 
group hierarchy cache
     2009-12-16 Simon Wilkinson   (792) Add printf format checks to the 
cache manager
     2009-12-02 Simon Wilkinson   (794) Add printf format checks to 
     2009-12-02 Simon Wilkinson   (793) Add printf format checks to 
util's log functions
     2009-11-29 Andrew Deason     (875) Make ubik use unsigned addresses
     2009-11-18 Andrew Deason     (709) Break origin's callback for 
RXAFS_Rename target
     2009-11-18 Simon Wilkinson   (796) Add printf format checks to the 
rest of tree
     2009-11-12 Simon Wilkinson   (795) Add printf format checks to rx
     2009-11-04 Andrew Deason     (436) Avoid unnecessarily updating .. 
in SAFSS_Rename
     2009-11-04 Evan Broder       (778) Increase the maximum number of 
     2009-11-04 Michael Meffie    (215) Print throttled packet counts 
with rxdebug
     2009-10-26 Jacob Thebault-Spieker (433) Add throughput framework to 
     2009-09-09 Matt Benjamin     (435) clear stat flag on renamed 
     2009-08-29 Matt Benjamin     (376) K5SSL by Marcus Watts
     2009-07-29 Michael Meffie    (147) Fix bosserver directory creation
     2009-07-24 Hartmut Reuter     (70) preparing rxosd integration: 
change in AFSFetchStatus

   Patches merged into the master branch
     Date       Author         Change# Description
     2010-01-15 Asanka Herath    (1103) Fix typo in AdminGuide
     2010-01-14 Dan Hyde         (1098) volmonitor keep vtrans lock
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson   (838) Kernel is always defined
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson   (837) Move GLOCK initialisation to 
platform directories
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1062) rewrite afs_MemWriteBlk() using 
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1061) Quick fix for readpages when 
using memcache
     2010-01-14 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (1079) afsd: decprecate 
-mem_alloc_sleep flag (and related code)
     2010-01-14 Andrew Deason    (1090) Always check VInitVolumePackage2 
return code
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1097) Remove weekly bosserver restarts
     2010-01-13 Simon Wilkinson  (1007) Linux: Rework PAG to group 
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1089) Windows: remove signed vs 
unsigned error in smb_Init
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1087) Windows: Protect buffers in 
smb_WriteData from simultaneous writes
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1017) Windows: fs examine owner and 
group are signed
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1086) Windows: do not call 
cm_SearchCellByDNS if AFS_AFSDB_ENV is not defined
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1085) Windows: buf_Recycle should 
clean up flags and reset version
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1083) Windows: do not leak 
scp->dirlock if cm_BPlusDirBuildTree fails
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1016) Windows: alter nmtest CreateFile 
     2010-01-13 Jeffrey Altman    (900) Windows: return ENOMEM from 
cm_BPlus functions on malloc failure
     2010-01-12 Simon Wilkinson  (1075) Use dget_parent to handle 
getting inode of parent
     2010-01-12 Matt Benjamin    (1068) freebsd:  CM changes targeting 
     2010-01-12 Andrew Deason     (997) DAFS: avoid saving fileserver 
state when panicing
     2010-01-12 Andrew Deason     (787) DAFS: Allow non-fileserver to 
schedule salvages
     2010-01-08 Simon Wilkinson  (1082) Revert "Linux: Replace 
     2010-01-08 Derrick Brashear (1059) linux kernel lacks uintptr
     2010-01-08 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (1078) UNIX CM: remove the 
last remaining reference to afs_rxglobal_lock
     2010-01-07 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (1077) LINUX/: ifdef for 
GFP_NOFS conditionals
     2010-01-06 Derrick Brashear (1056) darwin module prototype and cleanup
     2010-01-06 Dan Hyde         (1069) volmonitor copy link before 
calling free
     2010-01-06 Simon Wilkinson  (1071) Linux: Mark our super block as 
not updating access time
     2010-01-06 Simon Wilkinson  (1070) Linux: Use the correct ATIME flag
     2010-01-05 Derrick Brashear (1065) cachemanager additional cleanup
     2010-01-05 Derrick Brashear (1057) macos code signature for afsd
     2010-01-05 Marc Dionne      (1063) Linux: don't oops on writeback 
if vcache has no stashed credentials
     2010-01-05 Andrew Deason    (999) Refuse to attach inode partitions 
with UFS logging
     2010-01-05 Michael Meffie   (1046) viced: allow alternate addresses 
on the same hash chain again
     2010-01-05 Simon Wilkinson  (1060) Fixes for supergroups on Darwin 
     2010-01-04 Simon Wilkinson  (1047) Unix CM: Use xdr_free to free 
memory allocated by XDR
     2010-01-04 Matt Benjamin    (1055) freebsd: fix afs_root signature 
     2009-12-31 Marc Dionne      (1054) Build fix: restore centry in 
     2009-12-31 Russ Allbery     (1050) Remove warnings from supergroups 
code on x86
     2009-12-31 Russ Allbery     (1051) Correct spelling errors in man pages
     2009-12-31 Matt Benjamin    (1023) freebsd: track RELENG_8
     2009-12-31 Simon Wilkinson  (1035) Linux: Check for multiple silly 
     2009-12-31 Simon Wilkinson  (1034) Abstract out Linux sillyrename 
     2009-12-31 Simon Wilkinson  (1033) Remove unused configuration tests
     2009-12-31 Simon Wilkinson  (1032) Remove HAVE_STRUCT_BUF test
     2009-12-31 Simon Wilkinson  (1031) Remove 
--disable-full-vos-listvol-switch option
     2009-12-31 Simon Wilkinson  (1030) Remove --disable-afsdb
     2009-12-31 Derrick Brashear (1037) clean up axscache at shutdown
     2009-12-31 Andrew Deason    (1048) Make DAFS 'bos salvage' work in 
restricted mode
     2009-12-31 Simon Wilkinson  (1029) Remove 
     2009-12-31 Simon Wilkinson  (1028) Turn on bos restricted code
     2009-12-31 Russ Allbery     (1052) Update .gitignore for copied 
rxkad files
     2009-12-31 Simon Wilkinson  (1041) Linux: #if BLAH should be #if 
     2009-12-30 Michael Meffie   (1049) missing brace in afs_get_sb
     2009-12-30 Simon Wilkinson  (1038) Unix: Rename aklog_main.c as aklog.c
     2009-12-30 Simon Wilkinson  (1036) Unix: Merge aklog with aklog_main
     2009-12-30 Derrick Brashear  (995) avoid leaking stat info
     2009-12-30 Simon Wilkinson  (1040) Fix ioctl32 inclusion on Sparc 64
     2009-12-30 Andrew Deason    (1039) Return a cell name from 
     2009-12-30 Simon Wilkinson  (1045) Documentation: Fix asetkey syntax
     2009-12-30 Simon Wilkinson  (1042) Linux: Replace 
     2009-12-30 Simon Wilkinson  (1044) Documentation: vos dump -verbose 
outputs to stderr
     2009-12-30 Simon Wilkinson  (1043) rxgen: Remove stray debugging 
     2009-12-28 Andrew Deason    (1027) Move TOP_INCDIR/des dependency 
to prelude
     2009-12-23 Andrew Deason    (1000) Check viced FetchData length for 
cache bypass
     2009-12-23 Andrew Deason    (1025) Fix warnings in fs.c with 
     2009-12-22 Simon Wilkinson  (1022) Solaris: Don't access lbolt directly
     2009-12-22 Simon Wilkinson  (1021) Solaris: Don't directly fiddle 
with the groups structure
     2009-12-22 Simon Wilkinson  (1020) Solaris: Be more flexible about 
     2009-12-22 Simon Wilkinson  (1019) Look for aclocal in more places
     2009-12-22 Andrew Deason    (1018) Fix typo in 
     2009-12-21 Michael Meffie    (905) Prefix global defines
     2009-12-21 Michael Meffie    (855) Consolidate duplicate definitions
     2009-12-20 Marc Dionne      (1011) Linux: fix sysctl for 2.6.33
     2009-12-20 Marc Dionne      (1009) Linux: utsrelease.h is moving
     2009-12-20 Simon Wilkinson  (1006) Fix PAGs for all platforms 
without Linux keyrings
     2009-12-20 Simon Wilkinson  (1005) Linux: Simplify keyring 
compatibility code
     2009-12-20 Simon Wilkinson  (1004) Linux: Don't panic when keys 
aren't found
     2009-12-20 Marc Dionne       (768) Unix client: wrappers for 
credentials structure access
     2009-12-19 Simon Wilkinson  (1003) Linux: Flush vcaches when a 
mount fails
     2009-12-18 Andrew Deason     (996) Do not trust FetchData length 
from fileservers
     2009-12-18 Andrew Deason     (998) platform target depends on cmd 
and vol
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (988) kernel ioctl32 conversion 
     2009-12-16 Andrew Deason     (870) Add the 'vos endtrans' command
     2009-12-13 Claudio Bisegni   (906) OpenAFS Preference Pane Now the 
preference pane is fat compiled.
     2009-12-10 Andrew Deason     (786) Expand ProgramType enumeration
     2009-12-10 Simon Wilkinson   (903) Linux: Use splice to speed up 
cache storeback
     2009-12-10 Simon Wilkinson   (902) Rework cache store back
     2009-12-10 Marc Dionne       (904) Linux: deal with ctl_name removal
     2009-12-08 Simon Wilkinson   (901) pt_util runs on database servers
     2009-12-08 Jeffrey Altman    (892) Windows: cm_BPlusEnumAlloc 
should not fail for zero entries
     2009-12-08 Jeffrey Altman    (893) Windows: cm_BPlusDirBuildTree 
can fail
     2009-12-08 Derrick Brashear  (896) macos avoid dotunderbar lookups 
in fakestat mode
     2009-12-07 Derrick Brashear  (898) add newline to 
     2009-12-07 Andrew Deason     (869) Dump all hostFlags in hosts.dump
     2009-12-07 Andrew Deason     (895) Make HandleClientContext take an 
     2009-12-07 Simon Wilkinson   (894) Remove AFS_USEBUFFERS
     2009-12-05 Derrick Brashear  (891) Windows: Version update for 1.5.68
     2009-12-05 Derrick Brashear  (889) rx packet dumper not in kernel
     2009-12-05 Derrick Brashear  (888) unix 1.5.68
     2009-12-04 Jeffrey Altman    (887) Fix midnight volume calculation 
to build on Windows
     2009-12-04 Rainer Toebbicke  (849) Calculate midnight (for volume 
stats) based on standard functions
     2009-12-04 Jeffrey Altman    (886) Windows: Version update for 1.5.67
     2009-12-04 Derrick Brashear  (885) unix 1.5.67
     2009-12-04 Derrick Brashear  (883) add rx packet trace debug 
dumping for unix
     2009-12-03 Jeffrey Altman    (884) Windows: change notes for 1.5.67 
     2009-12-03 Derrick Brashear  (881) add unlock support to afscp
     2009-12-03 Jeffrey Altman    (319) Use xdr_alloc and xdr_free 
within ptuser
     2009-12-01 Michael Meffie    (879) shutdown_icl return type void

   Patches merged into the stable branch
     Date       Author         Change# Description
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1102) Spec file changes
     2010-01-14 Simon Wilkinson  (1099) Don't install compile_et into 
its own directory
     2010-01-14 Derrick Brashear  (994) Linux: kmem_cache_create fix and 
     2010-01-12 Derrick Brashear (1091) make 1.4.12rc1
     2010-01-08 Derrick Brashear (1081) linux kernel lacks uintptr
     2010-01-07 Andrew Deason    (1076) avoid leaking stat info
     2010-01-07 Derrick Brashear (1053) viced host always hash on add
     2009-12-30 Michael Meffie   (1026) viced: add then remove when 
changing addresses
     2009-12-23 Simon Wilkinson  (1024) Shout less about system call 
hooks when using keyrings
     2009-12-20 Marc Dionne      (1013) Linux: deal with ctl_name removal
     2009-12-20 Christof Hanke   (1015) Backport casting from 
origin/master to origin/openafs-stable-1_4_x
     2009-12-20 Marc Dionne      (1012) Linux: utsrelease.h is moving
     2009-12-20 Simon Wilkinson  (1008) Linux: Flush vcaches when a 
mount fails
     2009-12-19 Andrew Deason    (1002) Do not trust FetchData length 
from fileservers
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (993) Implementation of new dump tag 
and length standard
     2009-12-17 Andrew Deason     (991) Add a watchdog timer for 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (990) Add safety checks on all 
hostList traversals
     2009-12-17 Simon Wilkinson   (992) Rename installed version of 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (961) make afsd partition size check 
be large partition safe
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (989) kernel ioctl32 conversion 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (987) openafs 1.4 butc prototype fallout
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (986) Prevent VLRUQ race in 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (985) 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (913) macos avoid dotunderbar lookups 
in fakestat mode
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (984) butc prototype 1.4 fallout
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (983) rx 1.4 mutex naming
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (982) packet allocation for 1.4 has no 
debug counter field
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (981) Remove hardcoded maximum time
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (980) Fix locking in afs_buffer.c
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (979) OpenAFS Preference Pane Now the 
preference pane is fat compiled.
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (975) Correct diskused and files when 
cloning a volume
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (974) prevent rx peer timeout from 
reaching 0.0 seconds
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (973) Fix a couple more unlink()s in 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (972) AFSPreference Pane Mounts View 
refresh issue
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (971) Use ranlib -c for Mac OS X Leopard
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (970) OpenAFS Preference Pane 64bit 
and Symbolic Link features implemented.
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (969) Improve accuracy of Rx RTT 
calculation by skipping retransmitted packets
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (968) OSX Launchd Startup Manage  with 
Preference Pane
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (967) OS Preference pane clean for 
final version
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (966) launchdaemon support for MacOS
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (965) AFSPreference Pane, has changed 
the content of launchd xml control file for AFSBackgrounder
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (964) Manage the login in the OSX Fast 
User Switch mode
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (963) make fileserver avoid salvage 
loop on init failure
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (962) Unlink correct files in salvager
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (960) Fix cache tracking for small 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (959) darwin knet avoid rx socket 
during shutdown
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (958) macos package updates
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (957) des crypt cope with 64 bit longs
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (956) Fixed the tokens update and 
update .gitignore for MacOSX packaging file
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (955) macos afs prefspane support for 10.4
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (954) 10.6 update(Workaround for 
kerberos bug) and cleaning of deprecated function form code
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (953) Make MacOS installer pane permit 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (952) OSX Preference Pane and AFS 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (951) OSX AFSBackgrounder fix minor bug
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (950) Removed user perspectivev3 file 
in xcode project and update the gitconfig
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (949) Cleaned most warning OSX OpenAFS 
preference  and completed the AFSBackgrounder implementation
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (948) AFS Backgrounder implementation 
& warirng clean
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (947) Start coding OSX Backgrounder 
Application, for OpenAFS Preference Pane, that user NSStatusItem
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (946) install AFSCommander in prefpane dir
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (945) In rxi_SendPacket[List], down 
hosts if ENETUNREACH or equivalent
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (944) Build fix - pre-processor typos 
in rx_lwp.c and rx_pthread.c
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (943) Use -errno or WSAGetLastError() 
as return value from rxi_Sendmsg()
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (942) Running bos -noauth should not 
require client CellServDB configuration
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (941) afsprefs pane shouldn't hardcode 
10.4 sdk
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (940) Finish afscell implementation work
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (939) platform makefile should handle 
clean target
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (938) Makefile.in modification for 
compile AFSPreference source code
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (937) OSX Preference Pane Source Import
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (936) OSX Preference Pane
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (935) avoid call to rxi_FreePacket 
with NULL pointer
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (934) AFSOP_STOP_RXEVENT sometimes set 
without wakeup
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (933) vos print_addr() must call 
ubik_VL_GetAddrsU with correct level of indirection
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (932) Make 'fs listquota' output 
readable for large quota
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (931) Fix assert message to avoid 
printing garbage
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (930) Correct pointer type of 'next' 
field within struct volinfo
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (929) linux-locking-brace-fix-20090602
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (928) 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (927) 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (926) fix-tsfpq-20090210
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (925) tsm41-makefile-fix-20090609
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (924) Search for the Linux version in 
the correct header
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (922) rx-user-socket-buffer-sizes-20090110
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (921) salvager-no-chdir-20081108
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (976) asm unexecutable stack
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (920) 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (919) 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (918) 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (917) Move afscell to platform/DARWIN
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (916) macos-afscell-configurator-20080423
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (915) Move end label into correct position
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (914) viced: set volume sync data in 
bulk status rpcs
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (912) 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (977) Linux: Fix lock ordering
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (911) 
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (910) macos panic decoder should 
handle 64 bit kernel in 32 bit mode
     2009-12-17 Derrick Brashear  (909) redhat spec dkms don't strip modules
     2009-12-16 Andrew Deason     (908) Dump all hostFlags in hosts.dump
     2009-12-01 Andrew Deason     (882) Correct duplicate special inodes 
while salvaging
     2009-12-01 Michael Meffie    (877) shutdown_icl returns void

  Resolved Tickets
    Here is a list of tickets that have been resolved since December 1,

      ticket # state     created       title
        20954: resolved  Aug 19, 2005  Canonical vs. Local paths
        22431: resolved  Oct 17, 2005  problem with chkconfig in afs 
init for RHEL Linux. (1.4.0rc5)
        23321: resolved  Nov 20, 2005  more cleanup for rx global lock
        23765: resolved  Nov 29, 2005  OpenAFS 1.4.0 fileserver hangs 
writing to qlogic fibre disk on GNU/Linux server
        23995: resolved  Dec 06, 2005  Suggested additions to RPM spec
        25412: resolved  Jan 13, 2006  patch to reset volume usage data 
at midnight in current timezone
        25966: resolved  Jan 27, 2006  Using the Solaris 10 Kerberos 
support with Openafs-1.4.1-rc5 aklog
        30632: resolved  Apr 21, 2006  speed up namei volume operations 
by grouping fsyncs
        34561: resolved  Jun 28, 2006  rewrite linux kernel 
configuration tests
        34939: resolved  Jul 05, 2006  proposed patch to resolve 
compiler warnings against des and other functions
        48353: resolved  Dec 04, 2006  Problem with afs_NewVCache
        55026: resolved  Feb 26, 2007  Re: [OpenAFS] little install 
        58003: resolved  Mar 30, 2007  bucoord/volstub.c patch
        77905: resolved  Nov 20, 2007  solaris10 aklog errors out on 
        80036: resolved  Dec 11, 2007  cvs build issues on solaris
       104471: resolved  Jun 24, 2008  fileserver crash in 1.4.7 on 
solaris 10
       117659: resolved  Sep 26, 2008  Compilation of osi_vfsops.c fails 
on rececent OpenSolaris
       119118: resolved  Oct 03, 2008  Compilation of afs_nfsdisp.c 
fails on recent Opensolaris
       123448: resolved  Oct 22, 2008  'Invalid argument' when copying 
file larger than cache (OpenSolaris amd64/1.4.8pre2)
       123577: resolved  Oct 30, 2008  patch to remove chdir() from 
salvage so cores are not left in /vicep*
       124087: resolved  Jan 05, 2009  namei_icreate/gettag race leads 
to 'CopyOnWrite failed'
       124097: resolved  Jan 09, 2009  h_Enumerate found <count> of 
<hostCount> hosts
       124456: resolved  Mar 10, 2009  linux vm system hang
       124483: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: volume header not properly 
       124484: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: volumes not salvaged when 
the first access is from the volserver
       124485: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: fileserver cores if 
restarted during start-up
       124486: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: fileserver hangs on shutdown
       124490: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: volume moves within a 
server cause volheaders to be out of sync
       124491: resolved  Mar 17, 2009  DAFS: salvageserver race 
condition in JudgeEntry
       124538: resolved  Mar 25, 2009  Incorrect ctime usages
       124630: resolved  Apr 15, 2009  starting afsd on large partitions
       124755: resolved  May 09, 2009  Tone down byte range lock warning 
on Linux
       124766: resolved  May 12, 2009  OpenAFS fails the Connectathon 
lock tests
       124888: resolved  May 31, 2009  volid-unsigned-int32-20090323 
breaks integer cast functions
       125110: resolved  Jul 16, 2009  butc crash
       125113: resolved  Jul 16, 2009  Fedora 11 RPM - compile_et conflict
       125120: resolved  Jul 17, 2009  1.4.11 build error on rhel3
       125155: resolved  Jul 24, 2009  pam_afs.so broken at least in 
1.4.11 RHEL 5 Packages
       125156: resolved  Jul 24, 2009  Running bos -noauth requires 
client to be configured
       125197: resolved  Aug 07, 2009  dkms kernel modules missing debug 
       125365: resolved  Sep 04, 2009  ZFS cache usage tracking
       125430: resolved  Sep 25, 2009  Documentation error
       125471: resolved  Oct 06, 2009  Bus errors when writing large 
mmap'ed file
       125472: resolved  Oct 07, 2009  crash in 1.5.60 demand-attach 
       125479: resolved  Oct 08, 2009  volserver race condition in 
       125489: resolved  Oct 13, 2009  Makefiles don't work with -j2
       125589: resolved  Nov 04, 2009  clear_inode panics
       125596: resolved  Nov 05, 2009  1.4.11 cache manager panic on solaris
       125767: resolved  Dec 02, 2009  configure script should check for