[OpenAFS] howto release all projects by cron

Alena Manova nymano@seznam.cz
Mon, 25 Jan 2010 14:28:20 +0100 (CET)


does anyone have some clue how to release all volumes proj.* periodically using the BOS cron?

If 'vos release' took something like -prefix (similar to backupsys) I could release all project easily, but 'vos release'  doesn't work like this. so I need to iterate through all proj.* volumes.

I would like to have it as BOS cron job without calling some external scripts, so I tried something like this:

bos create <myserver> releaseproj cron -cmd "/bin/bash -c 'for volume in \$(/usr/sbin/vos listvldb -quiet | grep proj); do /usr/sbin/vos release \$volume -localauth; done'" "10:49"

it creates nice record (which should work) in BosConfig:

parm /bin/bash -c 'for volume in $(/usr/sbin/vos listvldb -quiet | grep proj); do /usr/sbin/vos release $volume -localauth; done'

but it doesn't work - seems like the cron-inline_bash interaction fails.

any ideas?

thanks, Nick.