[OpenAFS] New Cell setup - ideas?

Davor Ocelic docelic@spinlocksolutions.com
Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:19:37 +0100

On Wed, 27 Jan 2010 10:26:04 +0100
Lars Schimmer <l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at> wrote:
> >
> > You need to do some preconfigured shipping anyway, if you automate
> > the generate boot CD process it does not matter much if you need to
> > add a new cellname and security KeyFile in that process.
> A complete unattended setup of a krb5 and OpenAFS cell is not
> possible, or?

Hey Lars,

It's possible, why not.

Just one viable method, for example, is on the track of what Debian GNU
does. Its setup (which gives you a working thing) consists of:

1) Debconf questions
2) Running krb5_newrealm
3) Running afs-newcell

Debconf questions are easily preseeded (answers provided

The other two commands are (interactive) scripts, which are basically
just a collection of respective tasks that need to be done after the
package is installed to get it running. 

You can more or less use those verbatim, be it on Debian or another
system, and you can automate the interaction them via Expect, or you
can modify them to accept all answers through command line switches, or
even to be non-interactive and just directly do what your specific setup
needs to do.