[OpenAFS] Re: Document segment on NFS to AFS server

Rainer Strunz Rainer.Strunz@lrz.de
Fri, 05 Mar 2010 19:15:22 +0100

> There's a version for Solaris, which was last believed to work (I
> don't know of anyone who runs it, though).  ....

We are running AFS-2-NFS translators for decades now without problems.
Mainly with Solaris, but also on AIX.

In fact there are a few reasons to use AFS-2-NFS as an alternative way
to access AFS when or where native AFS clients aren't available.

For some rare platforms, where an AFS client couldn't be build.
Or for NFS-type mounting installation data at installation time.
Or just to circumvent a temporary client failure.