[OpenAFS] AFS Database Server migration - advice sought

Robert Sturrock rns@unimelb.edu.au
Mon, 8 Mar 2010 18:21:29 +1100

Hi AFSers,

I just wanted to run something past the collective wisdom of this
list before diving in.  We have an AFS database server on some old
hardware that needs to be replaced and I'm working on a method for
doing this.  At present we have these three database servers:

    hermes1 (VM) - RHEL5, OpenAFS 1.4.10
    hermes2 (VM) - RHEL5, OpenAFS 1.4.10
    telos (Sun V20z)  - RHEL5, OpenAFS 1.4.5

.. and what I want to move to instead is:

    hermes1 (VM) - RHEL5, OpenAFS 1.4.10
    hermes2 (VM) - RHEL5, OpenAFS 1.4.10
    hermes3 (VM) - RHEL5, OpenAFS 1.4.10

ie. replace physical machine "telos" with a VM.

The new VM is configured (it's just a clone of hermes2 with the
name/IP changed).  I'm wondering if I can simply shutdown telos and
bring up hermes3 with its IP address?  The hostname will obviously be
different - I'm not sure if that matters to database servers.  (The
client CellServDB files use IPs and CNAMEs so that should be ok).

No volume data is stored on any of these servers - there are
separate fileservers for that.

Will this work, or is there other meta that I should be copying