[OpenAFS] Unusually Long Load times

bampfamd@berkeley.edu bampfamd@berkeley.edu
Tue, 16 Mar 2010 14:42:05 -0700

I currently use openafs 1.4.1 from a Mac to connect to my AFS server
(before i was on 1.5.64). Every time I logon to AFS, it would take 4-5
minutes to load/navigate between folders. This only happens the first time
I access the server/folders. Afterwards things are very smooth.

Nevertheless, I also use OpenAFS on other Mac machines to connect to the
same AFS server and they load relatively fast even on the first login. I
don't think this is a computer-power issue because the computers are
pretty similar in specs. Does anyone know why this particular machine
takes so long to load files from the server everytime I create a new
connection? I figured it had something to do with the cache files and that
OpenAFS is not able to cache files from the server so that every it has to
re-download all the files again...

thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated.