[OpenAFS] recommended hardware for new production environment

Thomas Kula kula@tproa.net
Fri, 19 Mar 2010 19:08:45 -0400

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 02:54:15PM -0700, Jonathan Nilsson wrote:
>    Mainly,  I  am  interested  in  finding  out  how much CPU and RAM t=
>    database server components of OpenAFS will take.=C2  We have donated=
>    hardware  with  Dual  Intel Xeon 3.06GHz processors and 4GB DDR2 RAM=
>    And we can also allocate a few Virtual Machines with up to 4GB memor=
>    Thoughts and other feedback is much appreciated.=C2  Thanks!

With even a large cell I can't remember the last time I thought
"my db servers need more memory or cpu oomph". I think it's more
important to find the most rock-stable machines you can, really.
The cell at work (umich.edu) has a giant number of entries in the
vldb and pt databases, and probably the most load the db processes
get is the nightly "dump the vldb so we can stash it away and
do interesting things with it" job.=20

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