[OpenAFS] about failover - 2 servers (one "master" one replicas) - a bit long

Vladimir Konrad v.konrad@lse.ac.uk
Mon, 22 Mar 2010 14:01:00 +0000

Hello Dirk,

> Create r/o replicas on A (and on the same vice partition), too.

Will do.

> The problem with your setup is that OpenAFS clients use the r/o path to access 
> data in replicated volumes, but you have put all your r/o replicas on one 
> single machine, so you have created a single point of failure.
> You should also balance your r/w volumes between both servers.

I will try to do this, so ideally, as I understand:

[A] 50% read-write volumes, 100% read-only replicas
[B] the other 50% read-write volumes, 100% replicas

(i.e. split the rw in half between the servers, replicate
all of them on both)

> > Ideally, it should work even if A goes down
> > and the read-only volumes are converted to read/write.
> OpenAFS is not designed for automatic failover.

Cheers, I forgot to say _by hand_.

Out of curiosity - was the automatic fail-over contemplated (I know
this kind of thing is not usually straight forward)?

Kind regards,


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