[OpenAFS] Multiple problems on Windows 7 x64

Jasper Moeller mail@jasper-moeller.de
Sun, 28 Mar 2010 03:17:35 +0200

Hi Jeffrey,

thank you very much for the hint wrt


actually, Spybot S&D (a spyware scanner) had modified that file 
(redirecting many "evil" hostnames to, which seems to be 
standard practice with this kind of tools...) - after restoring the 
original file, installation went through.

My bad... If necessary, I can still provide the original installation logs.


Jeffrey Altman wrote the following :
> On 3/26/2010 6:40 PM, Jasper Moeller wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> with the current releases of OpenAFS (1.5.7{2,3}00), MSI installation
>> fails consistently on my Win 7 machine - I'm using Windows 7 pro, x64,
>> german.
>> Installation bombs out when installing the loopback adapter - the last
>> message is "Could not update hosts file", then a message box pops up,
>> stating "Installation of Network Provider failed - System error 5".
> If you can capture an install log generated using msiexec.exe and
> send it to openafs-bugs@openafs.org, that would be appreciated.
> The system error is "Permission Denied".  Is the installer running under
> an Administrator account?  What are the permissions on the
> %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file?
>> The 32bit exe installs fine. However, it seems to be unable to read the
>> CellServDB file, which is definitely not empty, still the AFS control
>> panel claims that there is no cell configuration.
> The 32-bit installer cannot be used on 64-bit Windows.   For 64-bit
> Windows there are two installers.  The full 64-bit installer that
> installs the AFS cache manger and related tools and the 32-bit tools
> installer that is meant for use with 32-bit applications that link
> to OpenAFS libraries (for example, 32-bit KFW).
> Jeffrey Altman

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