[OpenAFS] Output of tokens command intermittently shows AFS ID

Booker Bense bbense@slac.stanford.edu
Mon, 29 Mar 2010 08:09:28 -0700 (PDT)

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On Sun, 28 Mar 2010, Derrick Brashear wrote:

>> User's (AFS ID 3903) tokens for afs@cs.unc.edu [Expires Apr =A01 11:28=
> This token was gotten by a tool that did the PTS lookup. Not all do.
> This ID is irrelevant to the usability of the token.

It's also potentially irrelevent to the actual AFS ID in the=20
token as well. Since this is encrypted in the AFS key, there is
no real way for the OS to know what it is. It's just makes it's
best guess based on the mapping of username to pts id.

Given a sufficiently convoluted setup, this mapping can be wrong.

_ Booker C. Bense